Salesforce is an established name in world of CRM software development for an enterprise. The experts working at Salesforce offers you a successful platform that will help you in exploring your business in more advanced way, facilitating you to keep a strict watch on various activities i.e., sales, services, marketing etc carried out in your organization.

Salesforce can help you in many ways.

Sales Cloud

Automated method of managing customer relationship and sales at one click

Sales Cloud is an automated way of managing customer relationship and sales in more dynamic and aggressive manner carried across the management.

Service Cloud

The world’s leading customer service application

Services cloud provides you an online platform to stay connected with your customers and rectify their queries through different devices that supports online activities.

Marketing Cloud

Multi-channel marketing automation

Marketing Cloud makes it easier for you to interact with your potential customers through different channels comprising of email, mobile and social media platform. The system helps provides you set of web tools that will help you in managing your customers across different sources.

Community Cloud

Pace up communication with online communities

In simple words Community Cloud may be defined as an online platform that connects every person i.e., your employees, customers, partners, suppliers and distributors with you through online channel.

Analytics Cloud

Transforming Big Data into Business Intelligence

Analytics cloud is self explanatory term that facilitates you to examine the performance of your business and understand the reason in case of any issue. The tool makes it easier for you to understand the reasons which are helpful in exploring your business and have an intensive look on your business. It also makes easier for your reply technical queries without assistance from any IT expert or analyst.

App Cloud

Create the apps you need quickly and easily

Use of App cloud will help you in developing your business application according to your business requirements. The application will help you in giving your ideas a real shape.


Features of Salesforce

The main objective of every business entrepreneur is to stay ahead of its contenders. No matter how big is your organization, the group of experts at Salesforce will help you in attaining your objective without any hard endeavors.

Contact Management

This will offer you not only the contact details of your customers but will also keep record of all discussions that your group had with them. The system also provides you information about the activities that are taking place on social platforms comprising of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Opportunity Management

The system will keep you updated regarding various activities that are performed by your team members, these activities include the progress related with various works. The system will help you in getting instant information regarding details associated with various transactions.

Salesforce Engage

This will help you in staying connected with your sales team at one click. The system will help you in understanding various prospects and throw your deal on appropriate time.

Sales Collaboration

This will help you in tracking the progress of activities performed within your organization at every place.

Sales Performance Management

This will help you in determining the standards of performance for each member appointed in your team. This will help you in setting goals for your team members, suggest them necessary guidelines, keep watch on performance of every member and honor them with appropriate rewards.