We are experts

We have a pool of talented people those provide a uniform and sophisticated platform for building modified and advance Web-based portals and applications in Windows Server environments. MOSS can be configured to return separate content that is depending on whether access is gained from intranet, extranet or Internet locations. This is done in order to address the needs of telecommuters, remote workers, and system administrator concerns for data security.

Why Share Point

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is the full version of a portal-based platform for combining, forming, managing and hence sharing documents and Web services. MOSS enables users to create “SharePoint Portals” which include shared workspaces, applications, blogs, wikis and other documents accessible through a Web browser. The Windows SharePoint Server (WSS) i.e. a free version usually referred to as simply “SharePoint,” This is available as a free download included with every Windows Server license.

MOSS is used by many enterprises as a content management system (CMS). Partially as a result of the close integration with Microsoft productivity applications, i.e. included in Office, e.g. Word. Many administrators have found MOSS useful in organizing and gathering a data enterprise into Web-based portal with defined taxonomies that structure the information. MOSS includes extra features as an incentive for system administrators to upgrade from WSS. This WSS includes organization of business processes, knowledge management and enterprise search.


Excel Service:

Excel services provide the advantage to the information users as with the help of this the excel file can be seen on a web page. If accessing the web page, then there is no need of installing Excel. This service is having an extensive list of trusted data providers for connecting to the user’s data and in addition the ability to add the user’s own trusted data provider. Trusted data connection libraries, allow defining which data connection libraries in the form are trusted by Excel Services. It has the ability to add the user’s own user-defined function assemblies.

Access Services

Access Services provide features to publish a Microsoft Access 2010 Web database to a SharePoint site. When an Access Web database is published, a site is created to host the Web database, also additionally it moves all of the database objects and data to a SharePoint list on that particular site.

InfoPath Forms Services

By using the Web browser, InfoPath Forms Services is a feature that allows individuals to complete forms. Forms can be managed in a central location and can be used to streamline business processes.

User Profile Service

The User Profile service application stores information about the users in a specific location. This information is being used by Social computing features to enable productive interactions so that users can collaborate perfectly. My Sites can be made available by enabling social computing features like social tagging and Newsfeeds through the User Profile Service, as well as the creation and distribution of user profiles across multiple sites and farms.

Search Services

As we know that nowadays search feature is very important in applications. A few paragraphs concerning information challenges concerning the ‘finding’ of content. Organizations face growing challenges with regard to enabling staff to find the right information at the right time. As the range and volume of content available in enterprise organizations grows, this situation is most likely to become more acute. The objective of enterprise searches has also extended, as pupil more frequently search for in-house expertise in the form of people and internal and intranet content rather than a more traditional search on the wider Internet. This situation is for users by the spread of data across many platforms and repositories that do not share common search interfaces and tools. For IT support, programming staff and design disconnected infrastructure leads to increase complex management and development projects.

Business Connectivity Services

Business Connectivity Services provides solutions that connect and authorize people by integrating external data with workflow processes and SharePoint collaboration. It integrates closely with MS office applications, allowing external data to be read into SharePoint repositories, and allowing data created within SharePoint to be written to external data sources.

Performance Point Services

Dashboards are vitally important for any performance solution. Performance Point Services provides a set of tools can build dashboard solutions to allow organizations to monitor and analyze performance. Custom reports, filters, tabular data sources, and scorecard transform can be created using Performance Point Services.

Content Management

SharePoint Server 2013 includes new and advanced features for web content management that simplify how you design the publishing sites and enhance the publishing and authoring processes of your enterprise. SharePoint Server 2013 Preview also has new features that use the power of search to surface dynamic web content on publishing sites.

We Provide

  • UI implementation and custom application development
  • Cloud database
  • Performance services
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Microsoft Office support
  • Data security
  • Content management