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Change the way you relate to customers and take a bold step forward in delivering a fantastic user experience for your employees with a cutting edge CRM sales platform. At Dotsquares, we offer customized customer relationship management systems (CRM) for any business. Our approach is a blend of management consulting and technology know-how, which aims to deliver real business value and transform your sales processes.

Dotsquares specializes in the professional deployment of CRM systems that maximize your ability to acquire new customers and maintain existing relationships. CRM Online provides robust, easy-to-use customer relationship management software that drives sales and improves customer service. With our proven approach, you gain access to key data and analysis in order to improve decision-making and forecasting.

Our affordable and easy to use platforms use the best business CRM software has to offer and is designed to help your business communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals, and most importantly keep customers happy. Streamline your business with customer relationship management systems from Dotsquares.

Affordable and user-friendly CRM sales platforms for all industries

Dotsquares offers solutions CRM software for small and medium-sized companies, large enterprises, and even government organizations. We can even add or tweak features to make your custom CRM as efficient and user-friendly as possible for you.

SugarCRM® Experts

By harnessing the leader in open source web based CRM applications, as well as mobile CRM software we utilize SugarCRM® as the technology platform to provide a flexible, innovative and social framework to support your sales, marketing and customer service activities. We also cater to mobile CRM software

When it comes to online data management systems for your business, Dotsquares has the best software for CRM has to offer best services. Call us today to discuss your all-in-one CRM integration solution.

Deep Platform Skills:

  • Configuration
  • Customizations
  • Systems Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Workflow Integration

Broad Industry Experience:

  • Industrial Design
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Media
  • Recruitment
  • Health & Pharmaceutical
  • Technology
  • Service Industry