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Android Apps Portfolio

Dotsquares has been delivering exceptional web and app solutions for international clients since 2002.

Bykup Android, ASP.NET

BYKUP platform enables socially verified Bikers & Riders to share the city commute on demand, saving their time and money.

Keynest Android, ASP.NET

An application designed to save time for key collection and drop off. An electronic keynest is deployed at the buildings from where the keys can be collected and placed. App allows hosts to add keys to the system and drop the keys at key store that will be collected by their guest.

Boozymates Android, ASP.NET, iPhone

Boozymates is an app which shows users on a map where their friends are when they are out and about other socializing based on user’s feedback. It provides the following information. Best atmosphere places - Shows the live data on what the atmosphere is like in pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Chemgenie Android, iPhone, PHP web service

Chemgenie is an app of environment testing to order containers, arrange sample collections and schedule testing directly from site. It facilitates inbuilt error checking to prevent site staff adding incompatible testing to samples.

2tor Android, ASP.NET, iPhone

It is a platform to connect the tutors and students. It allows students to search the tutors on the basis of skills, location etc. and make bookings. Tutor on the other hand can mark their availability, view students request and take a lesson with them.

Sportpholeo ASP.Net MVC

It’s provide a platform for athletes to showcase their sporting abilities to a local and global audience of; scouts, clubs, coaches, universities and other members of community.

Segbay Bid Sniper for eBay Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

Segbay is management software for eBay auctions. Save user searches on web service. Bid-Snipe, Buy, Watch and get notified via Segbay APP and emails.

eBay Auction Sniper SegbayPro Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

Segbay Pro automates user eBay Auction/bid sniping and searches, Alerts user when new items are listed.

Chimney Sweep Reminders CRM Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

Chimney Sweep Reminders allows busy chimney sweeps out working to manage their chimney servicing reminders quickly and easily.

Get Connected Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

Receive live results, latest news on British and Irish Rally's from the Get Connected team mobile app.

SecurePetTag Android App Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java, PHP web service

This App allows user to manage their much loved pets vital information, appointments, and medications.

Googly Bird-Logo

Googly Bird Android, Java

Here we are with the combination of much enhanced high graphics and entertainment packed together in Googly bird. Now Googly birds comes packed with more colorful environments and newly crafted birds which will never let you take your fingers off from you device.

UK Car Park Management Android App Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java, PHP web service

This free app allows users to issue parking tickets to all those vehicles which park on his land/parking space(s) without permission.

Tapestry Mobile Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

The app enables secure viewing and uploading of observations to the Tapestry web service.

Busker Boss: logo

Busker Boss Music RPG Game Android, Java

Busker Boss is a fun, text based strategy RPG based on the business of the music industry.WHAT'S NEW - Exciting Newer Version - Mini Game added to performs busks and earn more money and fans. - More Busks Venues added - New Travel locations are added - More enhanced graphics

Fitness4Life Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

The Fitness4Life school exercise programme has been developed to provide a comprehensive working system that will engage.

Idapt Ramp Step Calculator Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

The Idapt Ramp and Step Calculator enables users to quickly assess gradients and space when considering whether ramps and steps will be required.

ICAEW Members Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

Quick reference and calculations for National Insurance, stamp taxes, pensions, VAT and more.

Hypotheticals Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

Imagine being able to discuss bizarre, funny or even silly situations with your friends or family where you are able to create a story from a hypothetical situation you may find yourself in - well these are the hypotheticals for you.

Daga Group Dealership Network Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

Daga Group is serving the Indian market of Electrical, Home Appliances and Security Surveillance since last many decades.

Scootalks App Android SDK, Ecllipse, Java

Education - Social Networking Platform for Parents and Students app. ScooTalks, a lot more than an app, it is a connectivity platform for parents where they can regularly stay in touch with their kids’ teachers and schools.