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Switch It Unity

Follow the color pattern to cross a multi-colored obstacle in this fast paced action game! Switch It is a challenging action game that is fun for any ages.

Shredder Surf Jam Android

Grab your long board, get wet, and ride a barrel at your favorite break as you kill as many sea monsters as possible. Collect awesome achievements and bonus coins and score epic points along the way.

3D Fidget Spinner Unity

Dotsquares’ fidget simulation is most engaging! Players can tilt the fidget in any required direction. Then players can spin the Fidget. Once players get rewards, they can update the fidget. So that players can spin more effectively.

Falling Mozi Unity

This is a balancing game where you have to balance the cloud to save your emojis. The user has to tap the screen to rotate the side of the cloud. The score depends upon the amount of clouds that the emoji has travelled across. This game also allows's users to select their emoji’s mood.

Empire Of Aegis Unity

This is a strategy game where you are the king of a territory and some monster want to capture it. They are attacking your empire; you have to save your territory and the destiny of your kingdom in your hand. In this game you will find three different levels, you can choose them on your capability.

Kerb The Street IOS, Unity

Kerb The street is a modern day twist to the game curby that is played by many children in the U.K. The objective of the game is simple to throw pieces of kerb from one side to the other by tapping on the screen to create a kerb on one side avoiding the cars as you go.The more kerb that is created t

Frisbee Frenzy IOS, Unity

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this game developed by us, is a cross between soccer and basketball where the aim is to get the frisbee into the goal. The player tries to get the highest score getting all 33 goals and use the sign posts to rebound the frisbee into the goal for 10000 po

Fruit Loot Unity

Fruit Loot brought to you by Green Roof Studios and developed by our game development experts. Catch the fruit, dodge the conkers! Incredibly fun and ridiculously addictive, you can play this amazing game with great colors and graphics. Easy and great fun to play – hours of unlimited brain testing f

Zion Quest Unity

This interesting game was created by our experts. You will be faced with 40 challenges in which you must proceed down the correct passage! Each challenge represents a passage from the bible in an illustrated form; it's up to you to find out the correct answer! So what are you waiting for? Download t

Word Cup- Word Search Game Unity

One of the best puzzle games developed by Team In India, World Cup is for those who’re competitive. The game is an enjoyable word search game with excellent graphics for kids. Download the app now for entertainment, to pass some time or simply for a challenge.

GinjaNinja Unity

Despite their simplicity, endless running games are among the most popular games in the App Store. I am Ginja & yes I am a ninja, I can jump high and low but how far can you make me go? Enjoy this new game developed by Team In India.

Cinema Toss Android

Cinema toss is game of skills, developed by our team experts. Try hitting the person in front with different items and wind direction. It is a fun and hilarious game that you can play with your friends. This game requires an Android operating system.

Suddo Unity

A game for the smart minded, Suddo is about the object placing numbers in cells so that the same number does not appear more than once in any row, column or 3x3 square. Available to be played by a single player or double players, the game is a result of the efforts of our developers here.

Snake Smash Unity

Developed for the Android phone, Snake Smash is a match 3 puzzle game for all ages. The player is supposed to match same colored snakes to destroy them. You can also join the prize pool competition to try and top the leader board and win real life prizes.

Barrier Unity

Barrier is board game played between friends, family & kids. Recall your childhood! It is a Multi player game in which 6 players at a time can play. Available on Android Only.

Miiny Landlord Fight Unity

Miiny Landlord Fight (Dou Di Zhu), is an online card game based on its real-world counterpart that is one of the most popular card games in China. Miiny Landlord Fight is a game for three players and offered as mobile games that operate on the iOS and Android platforms.

Poop Busters Unity

Progress through the different levels from the city sidewalk, the park and even at the zoo! Control vacuum boy by tapping to jump to the different platform levels. The animals move and poop randomly and it is Vacuum boy’s job to suck up the poop as quickly as possible.

Brix Game - win cash prizes

Brix provides you with an energetic an competitive arcade game. Be fast in shooting the bricks to empty the wall in all 3 modes: Classic, Shot & Flash and be in chance to win real cash prize in the battle of Arena with other players!

Tidal Wave Unity

Help our hero Horseradish avoid the obstacles and escape the approaching tidal wave. You have 3 attempts to complete the almost impossible levels!

Go Penguin Unity

Go Penguin is a physics based flying game where the players take control of a penguin to help him fly to the party with his friends. Players can upgrade numerous items to help the penguin reach its goal.

Space Shooter Unity

is a endless levels based game. As long as player clears the levels, new levels will be generated with more proficient enemies. Players who like survival games would like this game intensely.