What is YEXT?

Yext is a cloud-based software founded in 2006. Yext specialized in providing site search, website pages, and listing solutions. With the mission of transforming the enterprise with AI search, Yext works for Knowledge Graph, Search, Pages, Listings, Reviews, and Analytics platforms.

Yext instantly lets you update local listings and location pages and utilizes best practices for local SEO using Knowledge Graphs. With the help of Yext Power Listings, you can easily sync business information across over 100 popular directories, listing pages, and website pages.

Knowledge graph

Yext Knowledge Graph is just like the Brain of humans. All the information about the business is saved in the Knowledge Graph Entities.


Yext AI-powered search experience works on natural language understanding and uses a multi-algorithm approach to provide precise, accurate, and current answers to location-based queries.


Yext Listings Platform allows the syndication of business information to over 200 third-party publishers with a single click.

About Our Partnership With Yext

Dotsquares has been a digital outsourcing agency since 2002, continuously delivering services with 1000+ employees and from 6 offices worldwide in London and Brighton in the UK, with bases in the USA, Australia, UAE, Europe and India. we are the tech partners with Adobe, Yext, Shopify, Drupal, Acquia, Bigcommerce, Zoho, Microsoft, Google, AWS, and Salesforce with working experience in various industries such as - Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Travel, Banking, Financial Services, Automotive, Education, Logistics and Distribution etc.

Besides other technologies, We are successfully working with Yext products, including Page Implementation, Knowledge Graph, and Answer Search Experience, to grow your business by delivering the benefits of SEO-friendly pages and AI basis Answer experience using NLP.

We are a YEXT preferred partner and provide YEXT's Digital Knowledge Management and Implementation services. We successfully work with Yext products, including Page Implementation, Knowledge Graph and Answer Search Experience, to grow your business by delivering the benefits of SEO-friendly pages and AI basis Answer experience using NLP.

Dotsquares Provides a wide range of YEXT Consulting and Implementation Services.


Search Solutions For CMS Websites or E-commerce Website.

Yext Site Search Solution works as a multi-algorithm search engine. The AI site search helps to boost site conversions by enhancing your user experience.

The main goal of using site search on any website is to never disappoint a customer. The website should never result in 404 or zero results. If the website doesn't have exactly what the user is looking for, Yext provides answers in a better way by using NLP (Natural Language Processing), Relevant results, or QA submission.

Using Yext site search on the website helps to analyze your search functions to ensure users are getting the quick, useful responses they're looking for. That’s why for all the E-commerce websites, Yext Site Search is the best solution.


The next big thing in search

Yext is on a mission to transform the enterprise with AI search.

With the explosion of information and data online, search has never been more important. However, while the world of consumer search has innovated over time, enterprise search has not.


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