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365, Synchronisation and Graphs: What Microsoft Build 2018 had in store for us

Last updated on May 11, 2018 by Dotsquares

A successful business will always find new ways of creating products, whilst improving and innovating their current services. Technology titan, Microsoft, has recently demonstrated this at their annual conference.

Every year Microsoft hosts it’s ‘Build’ conference in order to amass further attention for its products and services, by showcasing its most impressive technology in front of software and website developers. Those who would have attended would have left the conference happy regardless once Microsoft announced that, in certain cases, developers would be left with 95% of profits whereas Microsoft would only take 5%.

This year’s Build conference showcased many new releases, but one of the most popular announcements was that of the new features for Microsoft 365.

From reports, the new features seem to be strengthening the brand for 365 as an organisational tool, similarly to how Google Tasks also recently emphasised the organisational features it offers. It seems tech businesses are obsessed with trying to make its customers more organised.

One of the ways 365 can help users organise their lives, as well as their phones, which basically are the same thing nowadays, is though Microsoft Graphs. As the name suggests it provides a helpful way of presenting and understanding information. The information it shows to you is how active you have been on the other Windows services, which includes Microsoft Edge, Office and the various apps Microsoft has made.

Another impressive aspect of Microsoft graphs is that Microsoft’s own Artificial Intelligence has been used to help improve spelling and grammar. You’re probably already familiar with this function that automatically prompts you when you use Microsoft’s Office applications. This new grammar function on Graphs is different as incorrect grammar can now be identified and fixed. Graph’s machine learning can study the Cloud based on other people’s grammar, it can then determine what’s right and what is wrong to guarantee your written work is the best it can possibly be.

Microsoft also announced a way to sync a computer with not just the Windows phones, but the iPhones as well, perhaps this is part of a grander plot to convert Apple lovers into fans of Windows software. However you choose to interpret this software, we can all agree that in a world where more and more people are relying on their phones, it’s a no brainer to make using a computer more convenient by syncing the computer to one’s phone.

With a year until Microsoft’s next conference, and most likely multiple new releases on the horizon, we will have plenty to tide us over until the next Microsoft Build.