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Apple Update 13.1.2 – What do you need to know about it?

Last updated on October 8, 2019 by Dotsquares

At the turn of the new month, Apple launched a minor update of its highly anticipated iOS 13. While the iOS 13 was an unstable version which was full of bugs, 13.1.2 has got far better stability.


According to The Verge, iOS 13 had significant bugs, such as random app crashes, dropping cellular signals, the camera app slowed down and pictures would have random dates assigned to them. Various sources have also mentioned issues with Mail, Reminders and AppleVis. A major security lapse noted by Jose Rodriguez showed how an individual could bypass the lockscreen and gain access to information. 

However, there have been some major developments with the new update, which includes the dark-mode which was not earlier available. At the WWDC 2019, Apple showed the new version of the Photos app which is designed to remove duplication and focus on the best shots. It has also added new editing tools for the video bit which allows a user to edit videos without using third-party tools or applications. 

So what errors have been fixed in the 13.1.2 update? One of the major and most needed fixes was the issue of battery drainage that users were facing. Other bug fixes included camera, flashlight, BlueTooth and iCloud backups. 

While many users were not impressed with the iOS 13 update, the California-based giants have not wasted time in fixing those errors. The 13.1.2 update has already been rolled out and is already reaching all consumers. 

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