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We’re a big believer in our values – corporate and traditional!

Last updated on December 22, 2016 by Dotsquares

Here at Dotsquares we are a big believer in not just our corporate values but our traditional values as well. With a huge base of Indian culture from our 3 development centres in Jaipur, certain traditions and Indian history is important to us.

We recently supported the team at Nutkhut to build an established responsive website, so that they can share what they do with the world. Nutkhut are a London based performing arts company that make it their mission to bring to life awe – inspiring stories of the British South-Asian experiences to life! They do this through their creative and world class performances and installations. They produce high quality cross-disciplinary work for site-specific contexts, and particularly focus on creating commissioned work for the outdoor sector. They also tour regularly to festivals, melas and special events.

This year Nutkhut found themselves in our home town in Brighton to provide a spectacular performance to commemorate the history of Dr.Blighty, and how the Brighton Pavilion was converted into an Indian military hospital 102 years ago during WW1 in 1914. The performance involved a dramatic reconstruction, musical presentation and an extraordinary light show projection which was on the building itself.




This moment is also particularly memorable for one of our very own Project Manager’s in the UK Head Office, Paul Thomas. Paul’s Great grandfather was a Corporal in the Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, who fought in WW1, and he fired the first British shot in a conflict that would claim 16 million lives before it was over.



Read more on his story from the following link….

Hopefully with our support Nutkhut can continue their mission, and reach out to others on a global scale, so that others can learn more about the British South Asian experiences.