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Business relationship archiving at your fingertips!

Last updated on December 6, 2016 by Dotsquares

In today’s digital world technological advances are making life easier by the second, and now Dotsquares are taking it one step further by creating the Contact Creator Salesforce!

It is an android base “contacts” syncing app that provides the smartest way for mobile dependent businesses to sync their business contacts in Salesforce CRM. All the user has to do is log in with their Salesforce account and then the app will automatically synchronize allSalesforce contacts along with all registered information for all contacts.

qqThe application’s functionality alsoallows you to capture the necessary information from business cards by using the image editing feature. The Contact Creator Salesforce app is optimized to consume less battery & data throughout the period of the uploading and synchronizing.





Features & Uses:

The Contact Creator Salesforce app is available to download from Google Play.