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COVID-19 – Dotsquares has got your back!

Last updated on May 7, 2020 by Dotsquares

The past few months have made modern history with the unfortunate viral outbreak of COVID-19. As the world is trying to deal with this global pandemic, communities have grown closer more than ever before as the casualties rises. The amount of volunteers, key workers and health care professionals that are working tirelessly to save lives, have been truly inspirational and we cannot thank them enough for all their hard work.

Here at Dotsquares we have taken the right measures to make sure that we are doing our bit, by adhering to government restrictions, in the hope to alleviate the number of COVID-19 cases occurring daily. Up until a week ago that was the best we could do to help in the current situation, of course we have been able to help other businesses in this time to function as normal, but that doesn’t lend a helping hand to tackling the virus itself, until we were approached by RavThukral. Rav is an Agile Transformation and Change Specialist, whose wife Dr SeleenaThukral is a GP working on the front line.

Together they came up with the initiative #Wegotyourback which is a key worker focussed initiative.

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, communities are coming together to volunteer their time, resources and passion to help keyworkers. It is vital that their precious efforts reach those who need it most. Equally there is a need to make it easier and quicker for keyworkers to access community resources. This is where we stepped in to help the Thukrals make this initiative a reality, as our CEO and the Thukrals had been friends for 20 years. We are offering our time to build a web based central database ( to match front line key workers with community based initiatives that can help with PPE or other resources. This would save our front line key workers precious time and resources.

The initiative is being supported by University of Sheffield academics and Medical Students, NHS Procurement teams, NHS PPE experts and Industry professionals. Through @wegotyourbackuk they will lend their support to community based initiatives, by offering ways to standardise production so it meets our Key Workers’ needs. @wegotyourbackukfacebook group will provide an opportunity for every initiative and volunteer to collaborate and network, with the single aim of helping even more key workers.

#wegotyourback is soon to be piloted in Sheffield with a view to it being used nationwide and eventually internationally. We are hoping to bring this community even closer together, but we need your help!

Like and share the initiative @wegotyourbackuk on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word to key workers, community based initiatives and volunteers. The more people that can get behind this, the more chance we have at protecting those who put their lives at risks for others daily.

If you would like to know more about @Wegotyourbackuk then get in touch today!