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The DS Fashion Room

Last updated on September 26, 2016 by Dotsquares

Fashion at your fingertips!

The experts here at Dotsquares, have recently created the latest in E-commerce mobile apps called The DS Fashion Room. Although the app is currently a prototype it’s been built to demonstrate its efficient key features and functions, and how it can be a great way to implement your online e-commerce business.

The app has been designed using a Woo Commerce framework, which is a free open source e-commerce plug in typically used in conjunction with Word press. Its user friendly design embraces an elegant style with a vintage twist, and with prominent UI (User Interface) features, the app provides high quality pictures and optimal functional navigation.

The DS Fashion Room presents different items for purchase via a grid system, and by using the sidebar sliding menu you can navigate with ease around the different categories. Once you have clicked on an item of interest you are then directed to the items main page where you can not only view the price and description, but you can also see other customer’s ratings and reviews on the product. As its common knowledge that items can look different on screen to when they arrive at your door.

Like every e-commerce site the “Basket” feature allows you to use a digital shopping cart to store your items before proceeding to the checkout. However one of the latest features that is becoming very popular with e-commerce websites and mobile apps, is the function of a “Wish list”. A wish list allows customers to collect items they have seen and save them for a certain time period almost like a shopping list. This is perfect when you are looking for something specific, as it means you don’t have to trace back to find something you might have viewed at the end of a vigorous product search. It’s also really beneficial for building clientele as customers that have items saved to a wishlist will often return to view their favourite items, which can also result in further items added to the wish list each time. For customers to be allowed access to wish list function they have to sign up for a company account, and by doing this it obtains their email giving you the option to send them email subscriptions, which in turn can keep their custom.

The app is truly a fantastic e-commerce platform with superior features to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. For more information on The DS Fashion Room or should you wish to download it to see how it might work for you then just click on the link below.