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AR/VR Games and Apps Development

Last updated on September 13, 2016 by Dotsquares

Augmented Reality (AR) is an entertaining and innovative technology, which is known for drawing in a wide variety of users these days. AR is all about layering virtual content on top of subject matter that we see around us. Whether you are looking at a map or blueprint in 2D or using the camera on your mobile or android device the gaming studio brings the image to life. AR is becoming one of the most popular gaming studios and with its fast paced technology it heightens the experience for the user.


Augmented games like this are amazing for creating enticing gaming experiences. Just some of these examples we see today are; shooting games, zombie games or other multi player gaming scenarios.

At Dotsquares, our creative artists and programmer experts are already exploring and developing exciting new games through augmented reality, using Unity3d as the game engine. With highly interactive AR game apps, built with superb quality 3D content and animations, we feel very enthusiastic that our developments within the gaming industry will work seamlessly on Android, iOS and PC technology.

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