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Healthcare Apps are proving more and more popular as the Government is making us more aware that we need to change our un-healthy lifestyles.

Last updated on October 11, 2016 by Dotsquares

In the world we live in, we constantly rely on the technology around us for work, social networking, shopping and so much more. However due to the Government making us highly aware of our un-healthy lifestyles, there has suddenly been a surge on companies and individuals wanting to create healthcare apps, to support the general members of the public with their needs and requirements.With some of the primary killers like Heart Attacks, Stroke, Heart Disease and many more, people are turning to these apps for support and guidance to reduce their risks of one of these fatalities occurring. However it’s not just these serve incidents that are causing a stir in the realm of mobile healthcare, there are also apps that provide health diagnostics to help individuals identify symptoms unknown to them, without having to go to see a General Practitioner. Other apps have been created to improve posture and mobility, provide services like acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractor techniques, as well as overall fitness.

Here at Dotsquares we have over 14 years’ of experience in Mobile App Development and have worked on several healthcare projects in the past.


Is an application that allows customers to screen their results with a swipe of one finger.A great feature of the app is that it can calculate your BMI and risk of Heart Disease by inputting your age, gender, weight, height and smoking status. Your health metrics are editable so as you age, lose or gain weight you can edit them for a more accurate reading. The Heart Disease Risk Assessment tracker shows you a visual graph that is dated from your check in points, so you can see how your risk of heart disease changes over time. The App also provides you with a full lipid profile so that you can see results of your Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol and Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio. When you’re struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the Blue Crest Health Screening App can provide with a variety of health advice to support you such as; work life balance – coping with stress, cutting down on alcohol, smoking cessation, eating a healthy diet and so much more.


Is an application that uses an efficient tool for assessing individual blood stroke risk, based on inputs provided by the user. These inputs are then assessed by an algorithm, which has been created specifically to use all the factors related to a stroke, and then the app will present the best possible estimate for chance of that happening.


Is an application that was developed in conjunction with a team of Olympic sport doctors, international physiotherapists, and a spinal orthopaedic surgeon. It provides clear and practical guidelines on how to effectively self- manage your lower back pain. You can learn how to perform the right stretches and techniques to reduce your back pain, with easy to follow diagrams, images and video clips. The App also has a built in exercise reminder, posture prompt and customisable exercise programmes.