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People Are Getting £10 Rewards For Notifying The DVLA About Cars Parked Illegally Thanks To A New App!

Last updated on March 10, 2017 by Dotsquares

As drivers we all have our pet peeves about the actions of other drivers, for example people driving to slow on the inside lane, or people not using their indicators properly etc, but how about people who are parked illegally? When someone has parked illegally it can aggravate the flow of traffic, place obstacles in pathways for pedestrians, and can even block people in on their own drives.

logoooAccording the DVLA there were 45.5 million active driving records in the UK, back in 2014! So you can just imagine how many people have either witnessed someone parked illegally, or who have actually done it themselves. When you’re learning how to drive you have to understand and accept therules of the Highway Codeas ALL drivers must adhere toit , so there should be no exceptions!

Here at Dotsquares we have worked with the team at CPM to create theiTicket app to solve this major and highly annoying issue! The app basically allows you to snitch on other drivers when someone is parked illegally and gives you a £10 reward when you do! The app was originally designed to be used by small businesses to keep freeloaders off their land, however as this ingenious app is catching the eyes of many who’s to say it might go on to be something bigger! CPM have disclosed that the app is completely confidential meaning the driver receiving the fine, won’t be aware that someone from the public has notified the DVLA.

As parking enforcements are forever increasing as cities continue to populate, who knows what’s next in store for this type technology.