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What People Say About Dotsquares

OK! This is going to be long, but worth to read. I’m sure you’ll opt in to take your idea from a being a raw idea to a born project with less cost and incredible work at Dotsquare.

I heard about Dotsquare online while I was doing a research to find a software company that can help make my project idea a reality. I have selected and contacted over five companies to try to find the right and most affordable candidate to develop a software, Dotsquare was one. From all the companies I have contacted, Dotsquare is the one who showed more interest to my project.

All the software companies I have contacted were responsive and all of them showed their interests to help on my project of designing the software. I had to discuss the project details, how I wanted the design, and pricing with all the companies I have contacted. Dotsquare was the only one who assigned one of their most talented managers (Varun) to discuss the details. Even the CEO was available to respond to my questions when the necessity came. What attracted me the most was how curious Varun was to know more about my idea, how I came out with it, what level of expertise I have on the subject, and what were my goals in building the software. I though It was very important that Varun had to know every detail that I could think of about my project, and this made sense to me. It is the best way they can help people with to create exactly what they wanted. I was overwhelmed by Varun’s knowledge, the new ideas he had to propose to me, the interest and the flexibility he showed to help with for anything I asked for.

The level of customer service is over and beyond with all the stuff members I had to deal with. Varun assigned me one of their best teams of software developers and video animation from Jaipur India. Ashu was the software manager & developer who was helping me develop the software. Working closely with Ashu and his team was the most incredible experience in every sense. Their customer service is incredible, a terrific professionalism and they are always on time to deliver. They have updated me at every step of the software development, they listened and valued my feedback, and they changed what I didn’t like at their time cost even.

If you have made it this far in reading this feedback, then I’m sure you will like its conclusion. The expensive cost of software developments is what prevents a lot of people around the world who have great ideas from taking their valuable ideas to next levels. With Dotsquare, I’m more than sure you will take your idea to the next level with way less cost then any other company. So, don’t hesitate, let your idea make the world a better one.

Sofiane ouali est le site N°1 de la vente de mobilier contemporain.

J’ai fait appel à Dotsquares pour rendre le site responsive design.

L’équipe a été efficace, le sujet a été immédiatement traité, dans le respect des délais.

Je recommande Dotsquares, la qualité du développement est au rdv, l’équipe est à l’écoute, c’est un plaisir de travailler avec Dotsquares.

Thank you Dotsquares

Gregory Latreille

Well gentlemen,

We are there, programmer has done the final tasks and we are live. I did a full test before going live and I’ll do another tonight.

I request both of you to pass on my thanks to programmer and that you have a happy customer. It will go a long way coming from you both because I did put him through the mill.

So thank you also to you Robert for listening and giving encouragement and advice on two visits and subsequently. I am grateful. I will be back probably later this year for enhancements.

Great doing business with you and you can use this as a testimonial if you wish.

David J Brown - CEO

I would just like to say well done to Dotsquares and the whole team in India for the brilliant work that you have done putting together. The site is proving a great success with members enjoying all the applications that Dotsquares have added.

The team are easy to work with, always reply when we contact them and go the extra mile suggesting applications on the admin panel to make the whole site manageable. Well done and we look forward to continuing to work with the team over the next 12 months.

Danny Lee

I wanted to have my say with regard to the Web Site Dotsquares designed for me.

Firstly, in this current climate I think this is definitely the way to go, being a complete novice at this sort of thing, Dotsquares were recommended to me by Harrington Builders.

I am absolutely thrilled with the look of my Web Site and can’t thank Dotsquares enough for their patience and professionalism. Nothing was too much trouble for them and as the emails started to fly backwards and forwards with regard to my requirements, I saw the development of my Web Site from the outline to the end result in various stages. Mr Bankim in particular was very encouraging and the end result as I said before is excellent.

Thank you to Bankim and your team.

Steve Fox -

We have a highly complex website which replaced most of our previous in-house computer and paper-based systems. Our clients are now able to directly interface with CMR and our many products & services, saving enormous amounts of time and money for all concerned. It is to Dotsquares’ credit that they have been able to design and maintain our website to a very high standard, and at reasonable cost. We are very pleased with the work done.

Mike Downey - Managing Director
Cavendish Management Resources

I would like to say thanks to you and the team for a fantastic effort on the Delivery system Change and all your recent work for us on the website. The delivery change will help delivery greater profitability to our business and we will be monitoring the impact of it over the next few weeks.

I continue to be very very pleased with the quality of your work, and the way we work together as a team. I have worked with a number of other companies in the past: Wipro, Infosys, Satyam and I really believe Dotsquares is there with the best of them (if not much better!).

We really see you all as an extension of our UK office team.

So well done and thanks again,

Robert Williams - Managing Director