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EU Cookie Compliance:
This gives a viewer the option of not installing cookies, In-line with European privacy laws.

PCI Compliance:
The industry required security certificate, this checks the website, database and server are all secure and free from vulnerabilities and is independently verified by a third party.

W3C compliance:
Why bother making your site compatible with specific browsers when you can achieve W3C compliance and make it compatible with all.

Digital Marketing (SEO) :
Development work is done in-line with best Digital Marketing (SEO) practices, but this does not include Digital Marketing (SEO) optimization (keyword generation, search engine submission, analytics etc).

Once development is complete you will also need a web server to host the site on. We can offer very competitive hosting services (managed and unmanaged).

The work is tested by the developer during development, but this does not cover the same things as dedicated testing (unit testing, stress testing etc).

AAA Compliance:
Another W3C service, help users with visual disabilities to navigate and read your site.