Accounting And Payroll Management Using Double Entry Accounting Software

Our client is one of the world’s largest public broadcasters that is owned by the Indian government. This statutory autonomous body comprises media houses, TV networks, and radio stations. The main objective of our client is to share truthful, knowledgeable, and objective information on all matters of public interest, whether they are national or international.

Client Background

Being one of the largest public broadcasters globally, it has over 2,000 offices, 500 drawing and disbursing offices, 27000 employees working to provide a balanced flow of information. As broadcasting is one crucial element in content and information sharing, our client is trying new-age methods to manage data. It is undergoing a major transformation and changing the way how data is managed and operated securely in the modern world.

Why Did The Client Come To Dotsquares?

Client recognised that they need to move from a single-entry accounting system to a centralized, integrated HR and accrual based double-entry accounting system to keep up with global accounting standards and automate the payroll process. To comply with Budgeting, Fund Management, Expense booking and bill by bill payment, Staff advance management, sale bills and receipts including advance and unreconciled bills, GST, TDS and other requirements and to provide flexibility in modifying reports, they needed to implement a real time Double Entry Accounting system. With this type of software, they were aiming to enhance financial management and improve decision-making capabilities.

As the Public Broadcaster operates with complex and crucial processes, it needed a robust platform for handling financial transactions and managing data. The double-entry accounting system can be used to provide accurate tax calculations and invoice generation. This is also helpful in tracking and analysis of data that can elevate decision-making in Broadcaster’s expansion.

Solution Delivered

With our help, the client has made an important switch from a single-entry accounting system to a Double entry accounting software. As a result of the implementation of this Java and DotNet solution, the organization is able to smoothly handle its payroll and HR processes acceptable to global standards.

There are more than 25000 employees (along with the employees on deputation) working with our client, spread across 2000+ offices. In this software, payroll management can be handled effectively even when the pay structure is different for every employee. It can maintain and record profiles, manage pay structure based on groups and categories, and generate head-wise reports for payroll.

The double-entry accounting and GST-compliant software by Dotsquares has optimised our accounting and payroll systems. To improve workflow, we can maintain employee records and manage compliance with laws using the software.


With the help of double-entry accounting software, the broadcaster enabled secure management of automation of accounting and payroll systems with complete customisation flexibility. It can maintain the records of the profile, group, category, and pay structure of every employee. Dotsquares delivered broadcasting network GST-compliant accounting software which can help in preparing financial statements following a double entry system. The client has included the system in their workflow as it has many measures that can help in other statutory compliances towards income tax and other applicable acts/ laws in the country.


Client: Public Broadcaster of India

Location: India

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Development: JAVA and .net-based solution


JavaScript, Ruby

J2E, J2ME, Java Server Faces, Spring, Struts, EJB 3.0 , Servlets, JSP,

Ajax, Google Web Toolkit

Tomcat, BEA Web Logic, Web Sphere, JBoss


MQ Series, SOA

Hibernate, Java Data Objects

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