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Developed the Silver Archery website, with advanced Laravel technology, introduces a premium selection of archery products to the UK market. The website not only showcases an extensive array of high-quality archery gear but also provides users with a seamless and immersive online shopping experience.

The Client

Silver Archery is a family-owned business that's been successful for 10 years, focusing on archery. It started because the owners, who love archery, couldn't find good archery products in the UK. They began by bringing products from the USA for themselves, which led to creating a business that puts archers' needs first, not just making money. They make sure every product is top-notch by having experienced club members test them. With over 100 years of combined experience, they ensure only the best products are sold. Silver Archery isn't just a shop; it's a community place for people who love archery.

The Challenge

With a longstanding presence in the archery industry, Silver Archery has maintained an unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality gear. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted a critical gap in their market strategy—an absence of a robust online presence. Recognizing the evolving landscape and the growing importance of digital platforms, Silver Archery endeavoured to address this gap. As a solution, we proposed the integration of Kinsey's API, offering a transformative approach to enhance their online capabilities.

The Solution

To tackle the challenge, we proposed integrating Kinsey's APIs into the Silver Archery platform, a methodical approach was used, broken down into several steps. This was done to make sure the solution was thorough and effective.

Stage 1: Fetching Products

The first stage in integrating Kinsey's APIs into Silver Archery's platform involved gathering the wide range of products available through these APIs. This required creating a specialised script specifically designed to access the API and pull out the necessary product information. An important part of this stage was to strategically filter the products by categories and other criteria. This filtering was key to making the later stages in the process more streamlined and effective.

Stage 2: Database Storage

After successfully retrieving the product data from Kinsey's APIs, the next step was to systematically store this information in a specialised database. This was a crucial stage for efficiently organising and handling the large number of products. The database acted as an organised storage system, allowing for quick and specific access to product information needed for the website.

Stage 3: Image Storage in AWS S3 Bucket

Handling product images was key to improving the user experience on the Silver Archery website. To do this well, they included a system to extract, save, and organize the product images. These images were securely stored in an AWS S3 Bucket. This method of storage was efficient and made it easy to integrate the images with the website, helping to visually showcase the products.

The Results

The strategic implementation of the DS solution for integrating Kinsey's APIs brought significant advantages to Silver Archery, fundamentally changing the way they handle and display products on their website.

Streamlined Product Integration:

The solution facilitated the seamless integration of Kinseys APIs, enabling the retrieval and categorization of thousands of products with precision.

Accurate and Up-to-Date Listings:

By storing product information in a dedicated database, achieved a higher level of accuracy and control over its product listings. Daily data fetch mechanisms ensured that product information remained up to date, reflecting the latest offerings and maintaining accuracy in the dynamic archery market.

Enhanced Visual Representation:

The secure storage of product images in an AWS S3 Bucket significantly improved the visual representation/faster loading of products on the website.

Increased Product Variety:

With a more efficient process in place, Silver Archery can now confidently introduce a broader range of archery products to the market. The ability to fetch, categorize, and present a diverse selection of items positions Silver Archery as a go-to destination for archery enthusiasts seeking variety and quality.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

The accurate and up-to-date product listings, coupled with a visually appealing presentation, have contributed to an enhanced overall customer experience. Visitors to the Silver Archery website can easily find and explore the latest and most relevant archery products, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In summary, the results of implementing the solution were transformative for Silver Archery. From efficiently managing a vast product catalogue to presenting accurate and visually appealing listings, the company now stands in a stronger position to meet customer demands and navigate the dynamic landscape of the archery industry.


Company: Silver Archery Limited

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Sports

Duration : 18 Months

Development : Onshore PM & Offshore Development


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Website Development

Maintenance and Support

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