November 15, 2016



In a world of competitive business Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is vital! This can be the difference between project successions to project failure. The main goal of every business today is to maximize the time their employee spends on core business operations.

CRM solutions allow corporations to access a progressive tracking system to manage each of their client’s information, and utilising a management process for each stage of project construction. By doing this it allows a streamline effect to produce highly successful projects and keeps customer satisfaction to the paramount.

HOW WE UTILISE CRM SOLUTIONS AT DOTSQUARES A CRM system establishes a solid relationship between the client and a project manager from the start to finish. Upon first point of contact each lead will be subject to their own unique input through the CRM system. With these details logged they will then have the opportunity to have direct contact with their project manager, who will also use the CRM system to track the development process via input from designers and developers. Each stage of development will then be streamlined and specifically tailor made to the client’s requirements to provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

WHAT OUR CRM FUNCTIONS CAN OFFER YOU No matter what type of industry you originate from, here at Dotsquares we have extensive experience in developing online CRM solutions in all areas. With the capabilities and intelligence to automate customer interactions, through sales, marketing, customer service and the technical support process, we can guarantee more efficient Project Management and Customer Relations. Our CRM solutions can provide the following functions:

CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT The system will assist you to manage your customers efficiently by collating their details and in order of date.

VENDOR MANAGEMENT The CRM platform will support you in successful management of the various vendors you will be working with.

QUOTATION MANAGEMENT The system allows you to see when a quote has been given and when it’s in process of being finalised.

SALES ORDER MANAGEMENT Every sale will be logged and stored in the CRM, allowing you to keep track on sales management.

PURCHASE ORDER MANAGEMENT Each purchase will have an ID, reference or order number that can be logged and tracked through the CRM.

REMINDERS Using the CRM you can input reminders on any project deadlines or important upcoming dates.

UPLOADING PRODUCTS The CRM system allows an easy product upload for your needs and requirements.

PRODUCT RENEWAL Should you need to renew any products, the CRM system can help you to do this simply by changing minor to major details, dependant on requirements.

THIRD PARTY LINKING SYSTEMS CRM systems can keep a record of any projects managed through a third party, and can track progress status.

PRODUCT SEARCH You can efficiently search for products that have been stored within the CRM system without any hassle.

Here at Dotsquares we use a variety of online CRM solutions, and every solution will offer something a little different than the next, but all will work towards the same goal! Our specialists have a more than established client base, all of which have been using our CRM systems for years. On that first point of contact we can establish where you might be struggling with some technical issues, then from our expertise we will figure out there and then what CRM system would be right for you. This is why we have been considered as one of the strongest and most influential IT businesses within the industry.



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