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Unit testing plays a crucial role in early phase of software testing life cycle which helps in detection bugs; and once properly planned and executed, it reduces cost of quality. However, if unit tests are not written well, or they are executed incorrectly, bugs go through into the production phase. This oversight can cost a company thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the scale of the project.

Unit testing needs a deep expertise of looking into code with various perspectives such as Code coverage, Loop coverage, Branch coverage, Condition coverage, and Fuzzing code to predict its expected failure, predefined negative tests while developing code (in Agile and Test driven development models). This involves not just insights into code, but a much required methodological approach towards testing the code for its afferent and efferent coupling.

Testing Goal

Dotsquares unit testing service goal is to catch as many bugs early in the development as possible. This is achieved by writing accurate and quality unit tests, while at the same time providing detailed documentation for the development process. This ensures that bugs and inconsistencies we detect early in the development stage, can be re-factored by the development team. We work intimately with your team to thoroughly ensure all project goals are met on time and within budget.

Benefits of Unit Testing

  • Finding problems early – Unit tests find problems early in the development cycle.
  • Facilitate change – Allows the programmer to re-factor code during the testing process and at a later date, while making sure the module still works correctly.
  • Simplify integration – By testing the parts of a program first and then testing the sum of its parts, integration testing becomes much easier.
  • Documentation – Developers looking to learn the result of a unit test can look at the unit test documentation to gain a better understanding.
  • Design – Each unit test can be seen as a design element specifying classes, methods, and observable behaviours during the project life-cycle.

Dotsquares unit testing service enables your developers to concentrate on their core activities, while our software testing experts streamline the project flow efficiently and effectively. You will save time and money on a process that might otherwise be resource draining if performed in house by only the development team.