February 06, 2019


Favoured by around 1,980,997[1] businesses across the globe, Shopify is the often known as the leading e-commerce platform, featuring all the desirable features such as scalability, customisation, and data processing. The effectiveness of the e-commerce platform is of such a great value that even the e-Commerce giant, Amazon, partnered with it when they needed support from a reliable platform to migrate shops from Amazon Web store in 2015 [2]. In 2017, the conglomerate also partnered with Shopify for easy integration [3], and this is just a miniscule part of the story that Shopify has created in the last 14 years. Someday we’ll publish the whole story as well, but today let’s get to the point, i.e. how the platform can help you run a lucrative e-commerce store with a flair.


  • Gather Reviews: Did you know 91 per cent of people read the reviews of a product before making an online purchase for it. What more? 84 per cent of people have also agreed on trusting these reviews as much as a personal recommendation[4]. With this number of populace giving such importance to the reviews, it would be unfair if you don’t give them as much significance. Ask yourself, how confident are you buying a product that has no reviews at all against the ones that have a large number of that. We as human beings have a biological drive to belong. Purchasing a product that is being used and recommended by people makes us feel like we are a part of something bigger. Whereas, buying a product that hasn’t been tried before raises our survival fear against the unknown. Shopify already has scope for how to collect and showcase the reviews and ratings in the best manner possible, so all you need to do is encourage customers to take some time to recommend your service!
  • Pay attention to mobile: Did you know that around 73 % of Shopify traffic comes from mobile devices? The statistics are definitely staggering for someone who has not yet paid any attention to converting or even leveraging that mobile traffic. So you now know the amount of traffic you are losing when you have not optimised your web store for mobile devices. Your analytics may not give a full picture of the importance of this feature, however once you have lost a customer from your site due to inadequate mobile optimisation, you’ve lost them forever. They are unlikely to revisit your website to check whether or not it is eligible to buy from. In any case, Shopify has allowed its shop owners to let their customers use their mobile phones wherever possible. For more information, read about Shopify POS here.
  • More choices: Who doesn’t like choices? After all, they give you the confidence of improved purchasing power! In any case, if you provide your website visitor with unique choices they will feel comfortable visiting your website again for more purchases. Lack of variety makes your store one of the many options for them, which is something you should aim to avoid at all costs. And make no mistakes here. By providing a wide range of options, we don’t mean for you to confuse your potential customers. Instead, provide them with enough products and settings features that they can explore their preferences. Just like you can offer a variety of payment methods for them, Shopify integrates well with all the prominent ones. You can also put forward the option of multiple languages. Shopify handles multi-language support pretty well, and we all know that we all feel more comfortable with our native languages. Give that comfort to all of your potential customers. No matter from which corner of the world they’re visiting your site from, they should feel completely at home while making their purchases. Such choices are guaranteed to go a long way in creating a healthy and burgeoning customer-base.

These are but a few of the many tactics that you can use to improve sales through your Shopify eCommerce store. However, if you use them right, you would hardly need any more of them. Furthermore, once you have your hold on all these strategies, you will find it easy to adopt the other remaining ones. So there you have it the promised three secrets for running an extremely successful Shopify store. Are you running your e-Commerce store on a different technology and want to know more generic tips? Read our post on what new trends have made an entrance in the e-commerce industry in 2018, and which of them are going to be implemented in full swing this year.


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