September 01, 2023


Despite the competitive modern business world, marketing remains one of the most crucial aspects of success. With CRMs and other useful tools, many businesses are leveraging the technology to the fullest and growing in the competitive digital landscape.

As a CRM, HubSpot has been a torchbearer with new initiatives and unique approaches in the business revolution. While creating content with companies and individuals, HubSpot also focuses on providing educational content to its audience.

What is the HubSpot Co-Marketing Program?

HubSpot's co-marketing program allows two or more businesses to work with the HubSpot team to create insightful and valuable content to reach a wider audience. The HubSpot Co-Marketing Program allows HubSpot partners to collaborate on marketing campaigns. The program aims to raise awareness, generate quality leads, and increase the user base.

There are numerous benefits to participating in the HubSpot Co-Marketing Program.

• Reach a wider audience: Co-marketing taps into partner audiences, reaching new customers unfamiliar with your brand.

• Increase brand awareness: Your company's brand awareness is significantly boosted through co-marketing. When your customers witness your collaborations with other companies, it reinforces their perception of your brand as credible and trustworthy.

• Generate leads: Co-marketing can help you generate leads. When you co-create content or run a co-marketing campaign, you'll be able to collect contact information from people who are interested in what you have to offer.

• Save money: Co-marketing strategically optimises costs. By collaborating with another company, you gain the advantage of cost-sharing across critical functions, encompassing content creation, advertising, and event planning.

While offering new content to users, this program promotes businesses working for their growth using HubSpot's experience and expertise.

HubSpot Co-Marketing Program Requirements

The HubSpot co-marketing program is for everyone, but you need to fulfil basic requirements from HubSpot.

Before reaching an agreement for co-marketing activities with HubSpot, it is imperative to ensure compliance with the prescribed set of requirements

• You must be a HubSpot partner and have a blog or website with a significant amount of traffic

• You must also be able to commit to a minimum of three co-marketing campaigns per year.

• Content must adhere to HubSpot's writing guidelines and reflect the HubSpot voice in order to be in the Co-marketing program.

• You need to bring content or expertise that is not already available in the content library of HubSpot. If the content is already present, HubSpot won't accept you for a co-marketing program.

• Partners or organisations must work with the HubSpot content team to create and brand content.

• To be a co-marketer with HubSpot, partners need to promote the content and generate an equal volume of downloads.

• The content should be aligned with the target audience, goals, and company expertise.

• The content is hosted on the HubSpot landing page behind a form that is co-created by HubSpot and the partner organisation or individual for lead generation at the top of the funnel (ToFu).

• The minimum download requirement for the co-marketing program is 2000. A partner needs to manage to get this number done in the first 30 days after the launch

Type of Co-Marketing Content

The co-marketing content is not limited to creating educational content. You can also share the benefits and responsibilities associated with marketing campaigns. To begin the co-marketing program, you must ensure quality and abide by HubSpot's guidelines.

For co-marketing content with HubSpot, you need to choose the content type that HubSpot accepts. Here are the types of content that you can use for marketing:


It is a very common and most-used type of content for co-marketing campaigns. It is a teamwork task that requires mutual efforts from writers, designers, marketers, and other teams.

Blog posts

The co-marketing campaign can also be used for creating and sharing information with the help of a blog post. With this, you can offer quality knowledge for marketing and enhance your business reach.


If you have a HubSpot expert on your team, you can share knowledge to help the audience with marketing. It can be done using webinars where your experts can talk to the audience with interactive sessions.

Video content

You can create videos, share the knowledge with many users, and promote your business. With a video series on social platforms, you can get the maximum results from a co-marketing program.

Online or offline events

For co-marketing, holding events is also a good strategy. With this approach, you can reach more users with your partner and HubSpot, both offline and online. You can also conduct a live Q&A session to educate users.

Here are some tips for creating a successful co-marketing campaign with HubSpot:

• Choose the right partner: Make sure you choose a partner that is a good fit for your business and your target audience.

• Set clear goals: What do you hope to achieve with your co-marketing campaign? Do you want to generate leads, increase brand awareness, or something else?

• Create valuable content: Your co-marketing content should be valuable to both of your audiences. It should be informative, engaging, and relevant to your target personas.

• Promote your campaign: Ensure you promote your co-marketing campaign to both of your audiences. You can spread the word through social media, email marketing, and other channels.

• Track your results: It's essential to track the results of your co-marketing campaign to see what's working and what's not. This will help you optimise your campaigns for future success.

Grow Your Business With HubSpot & Dotsquares

The co-marketing program is your next step if you'd like to partner and co-create valuable content and foster business growth alongside HubSpot. Engaging in this initiative enables you to cultivate a high-quality audience while extending your assistance to users worldwide.

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