September 04, 2023


When it comes to innovation and technology, Zoho is one of the finest players in the market. It is helping businesses go big in the industry and increase productivity with automation and plenty of other features. Zoho offers solutions for various business processes, including accounting, HR, communication, customer data, and many more. It has more than 40 enterprise-level online applications to grow sales, market your business and streamline communication for your business.

Zoho is regularly updating its services and adding new features to stay relevant and offer quality services to users across the globe. With new features and advancements, it stays at the forefront to make the user experience more uncomplicated than ever and help businesses realise their fullest potential.

Big Announcement: Zoho Deprecating Activities module

Zoho CRM has countless features to manage the lead cycle and ease the process for the sales team. For the team that is handling prospects, it is crucial to manage the details of the CRM. Your sales team can make the most of every lead if they have a clear view of it and give it timely priority. With CRM View, it is possible to manage the details of every lead. You also get the idea of how to improve your strategy decision-making. It is available for the Tasks, Meetings and Calls modules.

What is the announcement?

A new Activities Module, divided into Calls, Meetings, and Tasks, was released to all customers in January 2022. Before that release, there was an Activities Module along with Calls, Meetings and Tasks modules.As part of its strategic roadmap, Zoho is set to phase out the Activities Module by November 1, 2022. In an official statement, the company has highlighted the multifaceted benefits of individually adopting the Tasks, Meetings, and Calls modules. This shift is anticipated to result in improved precision for issue resolution, smoother integration with future updates, and accelerated release of enhancements.

Why Is Zoho Splitting Activities Modules?

Every module (Calls, Meetings, and Tasks) has unique features and functions that are unrelated to each other. When users apply filters or add columns in the list view, there is no common field among the three. According to Zoho, as the operations in every module are unique, there is no sense in having them all together.Every module is unique and used for different activities, so the new features will also be unique. The split will make it easy for Zoho to add features in any one module without affecting the other modules.

What if you need to view them all together?

If you want to see Calls, Meetings, and Tasks modules together, you can see it with Zoho CRM. In areas like the open activities, closed activities related lists and Calendar, you might need all the modules together, and you can use that with Zoho CRM.

When Will the Zoho Deprecate Activities Module?

The Activities module's deprecation date is November 1, 2023. Till then, Zoho CRM will display a banner as a reminder so you can move your operations and configurations from the Activities module to the new separate modules.

Zoho will also show an alert message for all the components that are linked to the Activities module with the banner. In the banner, users will get a list of modules (Reports, Dashboards, Home page components, Motivator components) that will be affected and unavailable after the Activities module deprecation. This step from Zoho will help you identify the areas and components affected in your business with this depreciation. With this banner, Zoho has also set up a pop-up alert that will be displayed for all the components with the Activities module.

Benefits of Deprecating Activities Modules

As there is no vital benefit to keeping the three modules separate. Here are the key benefits of deprecating Activities Modules:

  • With this deprecation update, users can individually perform mass actions for every module.
  • It enables a profile permission feature so users can provide separate permissions for every module.
  • It gives administrators the power to manage configuration so they can change data-sharing settings for every module.

What You Should Do Before the Deprecation?

After November 1, every component associated with the Activities module in Zoho will be deprecated. It is crucial to manage changes before the date of deprecation.

As the deprecation of activities and components can make you lose data, you need to recreate every component separately within the Calls, Meetings, and Tasks modules. You need to recreate components like Reports associated with the Activities module, Dashboards associated with the Activities module, Home page component associated with the Activities module, Motivator components associated with the Activities module, etc.

Contact Dotsquares Zoho Team For Seamless Transition

If you want to make a move to the new activity module with every component before the split, you can contact our expert team. Our certified team can help you achieve your business goals with the capabilities of Zoho and help you with every type of Zoho solution. Contact us now to know more.

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