February 08, 2018


One of the most competitive industries is the world of e-commerce with companies rivalling to be the number one consumer. A few weeks ago, Amazon created quite the commotion when it unveiled its first revolutionary store – Amazon Go, Seattle. The first of its kind, this store transforms the way we shop as it completely removes everybody’s least favourite part of shopping experience – the queues.

According to Amazon’s promotional video, instead of tills this shop has these fascinating machines with inbuilt sensors that you scan as you leave the premises. These machines take the exact amount of money you have spent via your details registered with your Amazon account. It is easy to see the appeal of sites like Amazon Go’s predecessor Amazon.com, as you can just stay inside and shop but for the people who prefer the more personable experience of browsing and feeling the product in your hand, then Amazon Go is perfect. It’s shopping without the rushing.

Since the dawn of the internet, shopping has evolved drastically. The phrase “Brick-and-Mortar”, which refers to the materials used to make shops in the olden days, came about to differentiate the traditional type of shopping, versus online shopping which was rapidly becoming the norm. The mid 90’s was a particularly special era as today’s current market leader in ecommerce, Amazon, was created in 1994.

It could be argued that Amazon’s primary purpose is rethinking how we perform certain activities; instead of going to your local high-street shop, Amazon’s vision is for you to login and buy what you need in the comfort of your own home. Instead of turning a page Amazon’s vision is for you to tap a screen on its Kindle. The most recent vision prior to Amazon Go is to use more drones and fewer Lorries to cut down carbon emissions. As this tech giant unveils the first of their online shopping stores, there will inevitably be a whole host of online shopping stores also wanting to change people’s shopping experience for the better.

In fact America seems to be leading in terms of pioneering shopping experiences. For example in California the concept of a delivery robot on wheels named ‘Robomart’ was explored by a company called Dispatch to sell you groceries at your door step. This provides the best of both worlds for reluctant shoppers as well as busy people working from home. It is also environmentally friendly too, as instead of lots of people burning fossil fuels to visit their nearest supermarket, one electric powered supermarket can visit lots of people.

So what’s next for the wonderful world of ecommerce? There is no way of knowing for sure but that’s all part of the fun. If the technology that has already been released is anything to go by, we can expect better customer usability as well as new processes that are more environmentally friendly. So make sure to keep an eye out for these revolutionary advancements.

Robomart article: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/forget-amazon-go-robomart-will-bring-groceries-front-door

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