July 17, 2019


The growth of technology is an infinite loop. With the advent of each new day, there is significant progress in the world of digital media and its technologies. With such advancements, consumers have started to demand more from brands. One such example is 24×7 availability. So how can brands be available 24×7 without employing extra man-power? The answer to this question is a chat-bot. AUTOMATED CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT- IS THIS THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS?

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To explain what chat-bots are in a single sentence, they are AI-based tools that are programmed to communicate with customers in a personalised way. The bots evaluate each customers’ preferences and creates a personalised experience. So what do customers take away from liasing with a chatbot? The chatbot can efficiently answer a query, can complete sales of products if needed, give order statuses if requested and communicate special offers to clients, as well as performing various other functions. While it does have benefits for the customers, how does a chat-bot benefit a brand for their website or social media channels? Not only do these chat-bots provide 24×7 support, but they are also are speedy with their responses, can handle a high volume of requests, improve business productivity without errors, and most importantly, reduce man-power. Chatbots are essential in solving the first level queries which allows other employees to explore other complex matters. According to a survey, it has been estimated that the growth of chatbots will reach approximately a billion pounds by 2025, making it a go-to commodity for each brand. These bots are not only versatile but can be integrated in any kind of website technology such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify and many more. We know it can be a mind-boggling process, but here at Dotsquares, we can simplify each solution for you. Get in touch with us today to know more about our chatbot integrations.

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