September 13, 2018


With every new piece of technology that is developed, everyone seems to want to get their hands on it. It’s a cycle that starts with scientific innovation, it then filters its way down to the general public and ends with everyone wanting to use the technology as much as they can. This cycle is happening with a piece of technology you must be aware of, Internet of Things. Also known as IoT, it has wide appeal from adults who are interested in technology to children who want the latest toy.

Toys have come a long way since a hoop and a stick, with the introduction of technology, wood and string has been replaced with plastic and electricity. Video games and electronic gadgets have been the real innovation when it comes to combating boredom and we have come a long way since the Game boys that were once seen as cutting edge. Nowadays we want a more inclusive experience so VR is being introduced to gaming. Whereas the world of electronic gadgets is being shaken up by Internet of Things. It is easy to see the appeal of IoT as it is highly sophisticated piece of technology that is exciting and new.

But, as always, with the good comes the bad. In this case, there are knockoffs who want to piggyback off of the success of legitimate IoT products. Sometimes this can have relatively minor consequences such as these cheaper alternatives needing frequent repairs, which is what we are used to from a cheaper product anyway.


However, since IoT is such an advanced type of technology, having a lot of potential for both good and bad, there’s the chance that it may be taken over by someone else which would give people the potential to spy on you and your home.

The legitimate IoT products have enough popularity to safeguard the product with security features to make sure this doesn’t happen, but the cheaper ones may have cut corners. Obviously not every cheaper product is unsafe but it is important to be aware of these dangers.

There is an added risk if the central website, which the IoT device is connected to, changes users. This can be a problem as the domain may be taken by someone else who can then have access to the product and the data that product has in its possession.

So to conclude, embracing IoT is a wonderful thing and as long as you are wary of potential dangers you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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