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In today’s world applications are the richest source of business value to the organization. The main goal of every business today is to maximize the time their employee spends on core business operations, but running away from application management can affect the profitability and productivity of the company.

School Management System is designed to improve the way the school is managed and a step ahead towards the goal of paperless as of full automation of school administration. School Management Solution has the entire functionality required for any educational institution. It is an interactive platform for all entities viz. Students, Teachers, Management, Trustees, and Parents.

It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely office administration: – time table – examination – student information – certification – reports generation – result generation, fee counter, library, canteen, pay roll, vendor, accounts, inventory and so on.

The system helps educators to manage, analyze and report extensive data, while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry. It is a complete solution for management of educational institutions, covering all the aspects of educational business, including administrative, accounting and key academic activities. It centralizes the complete data and automates all the routing educational institutes’ functions.

Why School Management System?

Just as any “Multi National Company“ a school is also an organization which has a lot of complex resources. The main resource of any school is namely student, teachers, administrative staff, clerks, school premises. For an effective and proper management of any school, the management of all this resources is highly important. The School Management System – ERP provides that platform which facilitates in effective management of the school.

The central management of the school is very important as it removes the redundant tasks that are carried out. The central data storage provides easy access of data at all departments which removes the redundant administrative tasks of reproducing, presenting and sharing data between different systems when required, as the data is ready for use in an easy to format

Key Features of School Management System

  • Automation of School Office Administration.
  • Connects all Education Stakeholders Administrator, Teachers, Students and Parents.
  • Central secure database structure that organizes, stores and retrieves real-time information
  • Student information management system with SMS integration for sending various SMS alerts
  • Fully fledged Library Management System.
  • Fees Management – Printing fee receipts, generating reports, SMS parents for fees dues.
  • It provides a means to automatically prepare all certificates (e.g. bonafide, leaving certificate).
  • Time Table Management
  • Staff Payroll Management – (Automated generation of cheques).
  • Vendor Management. (Maintain a list of vendor and quotation provided by them)
  • Complete Accounts Management System.
  • Canteen Management.
  • Student feedback system (Feedback of the students about the subject, teaching, etc).
  • Attendance Management.
  • Student Attendance.
  • Staff Attendance.
  • Customized Report Generation
  • Complaint Section / Query Section.
  • Staff / Student ID card Management System.
  • E – Reporting / E – Result System.
  • Inventory Management System.
  • Back Up facility for disaster management.
  • Preparation of Annual Confidential Report
  • Generates different types of reports graphs and charts
  • Exam result, student performance, fees due dates to parents

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