Pay Per Click (PPC) comes in different forms across a variety of digital platforms, the most commonly known being Google AdWords. It's considered to be one of the most effective marketing methods for those looking for fast-track results.

By attracting high quality leads to your website, you can increase your conversion rates, due to the increase of commercial exposure. Only being charged when someone clicks on your advertisement, allows you to regulate your budget, track potential lead progress and monitor your consumer demographics. If you want to generate a higher ROI spent on PPC advertising, you’ll need to run engaging and attractive campaigns that boost traffic, clicks, conversions, and brand awareness. Dotsquares comprises a team of Google AdWords experts who can apply top-of-the-line techniques to keep your business ahead of the game.

Our PPC services

  • 1 Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis & Strategy Creation
  • 2 Campaign Setup &
  • 3 Ads Monitoring Development
  • 4 Optimizing Landing
    Pages & Bid
  • 5 Campaign Reporting

With an effective Google AdWords
campaign, you can achieve the following benefits

attract customer


With well-designed PPC ads, you can expect an influx of leads that are actively looking for your products/services, and as these are hot leads they generally convert easily. With this method, you can attract both local and international clients depending on your target audience.

target advertise


Using a targeted AdWords campaign, you can narrow or widen your audience demographic, with specific keywords and terms. Through re-marketing, you can also advertise your products/services to those customers who have already expressed their interest, by clicking on your ad and going through to the landing page you're promoting.

measurable roi


Like other methods of marketing, PPC provides progression statistics. From Impressions, to Click Through Rates (CTR), Costs Per Click (CPC), and much more, we can see assess the performance of your ads, to make sure your Return Of Investment (ROI) is measurable to your advertising budget.

protect brand


Very few people know that in a highly competitive industry, buying your own name or biding on the competitor's brand name is a great way to remain ahead in the market.

Why use our PPC services?

  • Industry Experience & Benchmarks

    With years of experience in this field, we are familiar with CPC ranges, conversion rates, and the advertising efforts that convert

  • Multi-disciplinary workforce

    As we work closely with our website designers and developers, we coordinate any design changes needed in your website

  • Affordability

    By joining hands with our Google AdWords experts, you can streamline the your campaign, which will reduce the costs in the long run

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We are always available to discuss any issues within any of our clients projects

Since the launch of my game, I have used Dotsquares' social media and ASO services. In a very competitive market, I can honestly say that I am very happy with how things are progressing. I have been looking to build my project in other media and commercial outlets and have received some great praise, especially for the graphic look, from some very high end companies.


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