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Dotsquares understand the importance of reducing costs significantly and therefore utilise offshore software development. This results in better authority, control and faster communication. Ensuring that the Project management is run professionally and communication fluid, means that the location of the development team is of little consequence. As long as the project work shapes well it hardly matters where to the physical work is being done.

We also understand the need of having Project Managers who can guide all the way through with respect to better communication, time availability, cultural factor and other issues as per the client’s need and expectation.

Moreover Dotsquares, with its adaptable approach, vast experience and highly manageable processes help you to get your work done with greatly reduced risk and cost. This ensures the maximum utilisation of the resources available.

One of the transparencies the client has that he or she can directly co-ordinate and communicate with the Project Team heads and the respective staff present In India an well as the Project Managers based in UK & USA.