Dotsquares works with publishing companies to help them succeed in the digital revolution, taking advantage of enabling technology and infrastructures to adopt highly competitive and flexible business models, gain cost efficiencies and grow their businesses.

Today the major challenge faced by the publishing industry is to keep their business up to date with the rapidly changing marketplace and find solutions to engage with new digital consumers. The businesses need to have a differentiated advantage over their competitors to sustain and grow their business. We have a wide spectrum of expertise in web and mobile solutions within these industries, giving us the necessary skills and knowledge to help you increase your presence on the web.


  • Publishing apps are a great way to engage your audience by giving them the facility of instant viewing and browsing.
  • Listen to audio of written text and view its video
  • Search for favourite chapters, skip through chapters and select the chapters reader whishes to read.

Services Provided by Dotsquares

Print to Online/e-Publishing: Make a seamless transition to digital production, with flexibility to accommodate changing preferences. Our solution allows eBook publishing in multiple formats on multiple devices and platforms.

Multi-platform Delivery: Develop custom content and a consistent customer experience in any format, on any device—including smart phones and e-readers.

Web Channel Optimization: Make your websites more social, interactive and user-friendly, so they become preferred destinations for consumers. Analyze site traffic and optimize e-commerce and online ads to enhance your revenue potential.