Web apps are one of the most widely used types of software nowadays. Web applications pose a unique challenge to any organisation’s security posture due to their complexity and pervasiveness. Because modern online apps handle more sensitive data, they have to be protected from being a substantial hazard to an organisation.

Benefits of Cloud Security Services

Every business today is undergoing digital transformation and incorporating cloud-based tools and services into its infrastructure. When one uses the cloud on a daily basis, the need for a secure cloud and container environment with cloud security assessment services becomes a must. As with any vulnerability, when left unattended, it can cause the loss of valuable data. Cloud security offers technology to protect businesses from external and internal threats.

In recent years, the terms digital transformation and cloud migration have become common in enterprise settings. While the interpretations may vary, the underlying driver for both is the need for change. As enterprises adopt these concepts to optimise their operations, they face new challenges in maintaining productivity while ensuring security. While modern technologies offer advancements beyond on-premise infrastructure, transitioning primarily to cloud-based environments can have implications if not done securely. Thus making cloud security a crucial part.

Our Cloud Security Services

Finding the right balance involves understanding how interconnected cloud technologies can benefit modern-day enterprises and implementing the best cloud security practices. With Dotsquares you get to utilise the best industry-relevant cloud benefits without worrying about critical cyber threats. You can gain security controls based on CIS controls and ensure a secure cloud environment based on AWS, Azure, etc. for any kind of business.

Our certified security experts work on the cloud security posture, prepare a detailed report on every loophole in a platform, and fix issues with industry-tailored cloud solutions. Cloud security is vital, and the data is the responsibility of the client and vendor, leaving no room for errors. Get comprehensive and top-tier security services and cloud computing strategies and solutions with Dotsquares Cloud Security Services.

Track and Manage Web Application Security Risks and Progress with Industry Experts