Derived from military exercise terminology, a red team exercise simulates a real-life threat to your organisation, targeting all possible elements, including the cyber assets, the personnel that work for your organisation, and the physical assets. This assessment is a simulation of a sophisticated attack against your organisation, where a variety of tactics, techniques, and procedures will be used.

What is a Red Team Exercise?

It is a security assessment that enables an organisation to assess its overall readiness and awareness using realistic scenario-based controlled incidents. Red teaming goes above and beyond vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, as it takes all components within the organisation into scope and has a realistic scenario-based approach. Ultimately, red teaming allows organisations to mature their cyber capabilities and kick-start transformation programmes.

Targeting the people, processes, and technology to understand where the security weaknesses lie and how to remain cyber resilient by empowering your blue teams is a key outcome of a successful red team assessment

Tools and Techniques Used in Our Red-Team Exercises

Red teams will attempt to apply the same tools and strategies that actual attackers use. However, red teamers don’t harm anything, unlike cybercriminals. Instead, they highlight gaps in a company’s security safeguards.

  • Strategic Thinking

    The ability to think laterally and challenge long-standing assumptions

  • Tactical Planning

    Devising, coordinating, and executing a plan to perfection

  • Industry Knowledge

    Expert-level knowledge of all the latest threats and vulnerabilities

  • Social Engineering

    Exploiting innate human vulnerabilities to leverage attacks

  • Physical Attacks

    Finding weaknesses in physical security systems and defence

  • Cyber Attacks

    Using a cybersecurity arsenal to access confidential systems and data

  • Open-Source Intelligence

    Using publicly available information to gain an advantage

  • Credential Brute Forcing

    Consistently guessing passwords, for instance by attempting credentials from breach dumps or lists of frequently used passwords.

Test Your Organisation’s Resilience Against Sophisticated Threat Actors

Why Do You Need Better Red Team Exercises?

Well, an effective red team exercise entails understanding your attack surface, where security weaknesses exist, and what

assets are most enticing to threat actors, as well as developing the ability to detect, all while guaranteeing a quick and effective response

“It’s a four-legged stool with good stability. Remove any one of the legs… and the structure collapses. “

As your organisation changes, new technology and policies must be strategically integrated rather than tactically (and maybe haphazardly) applied, and compliance should be the result of the strategy rather than its sole objective.

Test Your Organisation’s Resilience Against Sophisticated Threat Actors