What is Network Penetration Testing?

Network penetration testing makes use of several hacking techniques to find security holes in your networks. These tests employ real-world techniques and strategies that a malicious user could use to gain access to the network, thereby providing critical information about network security.

In a nutshell, network pen testing simulates a real-world attack, delivering important information about potential holes malicious threat actors could exploit to obtain access to your network(s).

Our Penetration Testing Services Include

The primary goal is to identify vulnerabilities in your computer systems that could allow unauthorised access or serve as an entry point into private regions of your network and sensitive data. This is accomplished through the use of vulnerability scanning technologies, the application of the most recent disclosures that may affect your systems and skilled manual penetration testing.

Secure your network by finding all the vulnerabilities present in the system. This ethical way of securing your network by finding the vulnerabilities not only safeguards your IT environment but also manages to find a brief about every loophole present on your platform.


Your platform is a tempting target for hackers if it is not secured. Our penetration testing services will expose the vulnerabilities on your network and guide you to take adequate actions to prevent potential cyber-attacks and strengthen your defence.

Discover and Resolve Vulnerabilities in Your Network Before Hackers Do

When you need a Pen Testing Service

Enhance your security and prevent possible threats that can gain unauthorised access to sensitive data on your platform. By collaborating with Dotsquares to undertake a targeted Network Penetration Test, you will receive a stratified security approach tailored to your organisation’s specific environment..

You should get your business’s digital environment penetration tested at least once a year. You should also get a security check with the help of penetration testing when you are.


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