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Advances in ChatBots are making conversations feel more human

Last updated on April 13, 2018 by Dotsquares

ChatBots are an often overlooked type of technology that are frequently eclipsed in the media by other technologies such as AI, but now AI is helping ChatBots gain recognition making conversations feel more realistic, and more human. 

Microsoft has recently demonstrated one of their more advanced ChatBots over in China, Xiaolce, which is said to have more natural interaction with humans demonstrating Microsoft’s determination to get ahead in the ChatBot world. By relying more heavily on AI this advanced technology has enabled users to have ‘natural communication’ through machine learning, as the technology is educated on how people talk, and can then go on to replicate and emulate.


The knowledge which has been implemented in these new and more advanced ChatBots is called ‘Full Duplex Voice Sense’, which means two-way communication can be had. In other words, the Microsoft Xiaolce is a telephone whereas the Alexa is a walkie-talkie.

Microsoft has since updated their ChatBot so it can talk and listen which is impressive in itself, but the tech giant wants to surpass what we have seen in the likes of Alexa and Siri to make their Chatbots talk and listen just like human beings. Which is the very epitome of Artificial Intelligence; machines replicating what humans can do.



From China to New Zealand, Artificial Intelligence has been used in ChatBots by the air travel company, Air New Zealand, in order to give helpful information to those enquiring about the company. The ChatBot, dubbed Bravo Oscar Tango, as in BOT, but nicknamed ‘Oscar’ for short, is proving to be very popular as well, with over a thousand people every day utilising the feature. The most exciting aspect about this is that the more people use it, the more Oscar will learn and so the conversations will feel more and more authentic.

It could be argued that ChatBots are a rather unimpressive example of what society can use technology for these days, but with the inclusion of the endlessly inspiring AI, it has become a very fascinating topic that’s currently unravelling in the media. What could possibly be next for the future of ChatBots?

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