April 11, 2024


We are thrilled to announce that Dotsquares has reached the status of Advanced Partner with Zoho, a renowned company specialising in business software solutions with a long-standing presence in the industry. Established in 2005, Zoho now boasts over 55 diverse applications utilised by businesses worldwide, helping with comprehensive management tasks.

Dotsquares has achieved this esteemed status with Zoho, which entails additional privileges to foster further growth and enhance customer support.

Having served over 12,500+ customers across multiple countries, we have swiftly risen to become the leading Zoho Consultants within the nation in under five years. This demonstrates our commitment to empowering businesses with tailored software solutions, irrespective of their size or industry.

With over 22 years of expertise, we specialise in helping businesses transform and expand through digital tools. Recognised as the fastest-growing partner in various countries, our dedication has culminated in the elevation to Advanced Partners after years of dedicated collaboration with Zoho. Moreover, we became experts in deploying Zoho applications, ensuring seamless integration for businesses of diverse backgrounds.

The Implications of Advanced Partnership for Our Clients

What benefits can our loyal clientele anticipate now that we've attained Advanced Partner status?

With our team of Zoho experts, we offer top-notch advice on Zoho solutions to address specific business challenges, collaborating closely with Zoho to develop custom web and mobile applications, maximising the utility of our clients' Zoho investments. We have clients all over the world, with our offices in India, the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, and Melbourne. With support and development teams available worldwide, we can keep things running smoothly across different time zones. This means we can handle projects more easily and give top-notch support wherever our customers are. Furthermore, as Zoho partners, we gain access to exclusive events, resources, and programs, enabling us to deliver enhanced consulting services, foster connections with fellow partners, and glean insights from industry authorities.

To put it simply, as a Zoho Advanced Partner, here's what we offer:

  • A proficient team of certified Zoho Consultants, Experts, and Developers.
  • We're backed by industry leaders and other Zoho experts, proving our credibility in Zoho Consulting Services.
  • We create custom business apps and software solutions within Zoho's web and mobile apps.
  • Our customers are happy and satisfied, with feedback and reviews supporting our work.
  • We get early access to new Zoho products and features.
  • We have access to exclusive benefits, events, resources, and programs to improve our services to customers.

Dotsquares is an Advanced Zoho Partner, providing expert help with Zoho tools to businesses of all sizes. We guide you through every step of using Zoho, from choosing the right tools to training and ongoing support so you can grow your business smoothly.

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