December 15, 2022


Cloud platforms are revolutionising how data is moved in this era when data security and speed are the primary concerns. Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure are the biggest name in the cloud, and modernizing an app with this can benefit a big business time.

Cloud platforms allow businesses to grow and adapt to changing market conditions.

What Is Cloud Modernization?

Cloud Modernization takes data from the platform to the cloud platform while upgrading the features. It helps in moving legacy without affecting the overall performance of the platform. It differs from cloud migration, where the process is just life and shifts the data.

Cloud Modernization increases business efficiency and improves the platform's architecture while ensuring operations. With this, the on-premises infrastructure of the app is taken to the cloud platform.

Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Modernization?

Cloud Modernization can help your business in a variety of ways. Here are some of them:

Cost friendly

Cloud Modernization saves costs for infrastructure as businesses need not invest in maintenance. It updates the IT infrastructure of the cloud platform without manual adjustments and cuts expenses.


Businesses with cloud in their infrastructure can scale up and use space as it needs without any additional resources. Unlimited storage space with cloud Modernization benefits business expansion regardless of how big a business develops.


Security is crucial for every organisation; a business can prevent data loss with cloud Modernization. All the files on the cloud are encrypted, making cloud Modernization necessary.


Modernizing a business platform to the cloud makes it more responsive. A business may increase income by providing a high-quality user experience, and the cloud makes that possible.

Is Your Business Ready For Cloud Modernization?

Cloud Modernization is vital if your company is having trouble running its operations and wants to shorten the time to market. With easy data recovery and backup from the cloud, your business will also maintain peak performance in critical situations.

Cloud Modernization is your go-to option if you need unlimited storage and regular automatic updates with standard compliance adherence. There is no worry about data retrieving if you go with a quality cloud platform like Azure.

Additionally, remember which platform components you need to migrate to the cloud and which you don't. It significantly reduces the cost, and you can also save time.

DevOps in the cloud is also helpful as you can manage business operations smoothly. Cloud Modernization ensures peak performance at all times with continuous input and continuous output channels.

Benefits Of Cloud Modernization

Activities like team collaboration and data availability are improved with cloud Modernization. Here are some other benefits of going with cloud Modernization:

  • You can offer your users better services and enable businesses to integrate with modern trends.
  • Cloud Modernization gives faster speed to business platforms with organised content delivery.
  • Business integration is simplified with cloud Modernization, reduces costs and helps businesses cope with the future.
  • With cloud Modernization, quality interfaces and innovative features provide a responsive experience that increases user satisfaction.
  • The security of the IT legacy is critical, and businesses can prevent security with cloud security with Modernization techniques.
  • Its efficiency increases as the business platform are updated frequently and improved with bug fixes and security patches in Modernization processes.
  • The flexibility of data movement improves productivity by speeding up the time to market for features and services.

6 Rs For Cloud Modernization

You need to understand the six Rs when it comes to cloud Modernization. With this, a business can benefit and ensure Modernization is completed on time.


This strategy requires a minor transformation to switch to a cloud-based environment. The on-premises infrastructure is transferred to the cloud version, effectively renewing the licence with an additional fee. This technique of cloud Modernization is also called drop and shop.


This technique works on the lift and shift method. With this, the whole infrastructure works as a service on the cloud, and you might need rearchitecting of the platform in the future as demand increases. It moves data rapidly to the cloud smoothly.


It is the best option for cloud migration if there is no need to change the basic functionality of the platform infrastructure. The process is called lift, change, and shift, which involves customising some sections.


It is used to modernize the core legacy of the cloud. This method is also known as refactoring. With this, overall productivity is enhanced with new features. If there is any need for adding extra features to the platform, this process comes in handy.


Since shifting the legacy to the cloud can be very expensive and time-consuming, you need to find some elements and data you don't need in your platform. With this technique in cloud Modernization, you can avoid taking data that is not required and improve efficiency.


Every piece of data uploaded to the cloud presents a challenging scenario because the cost will also go up marginally. It would help if you kept specific data on-premises to maintain the cloud's excellent performance. With real-time sync, you can manage business activities.

Choose Azure For Cloud Modernization

Microsoft Azure is one of the biggest cloud platforms, and you can make your business activities streamlined by choosing platform Modernization with this.

Companies need to modernize the legacy to the cloud before wasting resources and losing the chance to gain a competitive advantage. Using Azure cloud Modernization for your business is a great way to ensure your IT infrastructure is optimised and you can maximise safety and revenue.

Cloud Modernization strategies have many advantages, but they could sometimes be complicated too.

A Certified Microsoft Azure Partner can simplify the process of cloud Modernization for your business while saving you time and money.

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