January 17, 2024


The tracking of online data is changing, and it's causing a shift in how companies target user experience and manage ads. Google's privacy changes are revolutionising traditional approaches, and introducing innovative methods for data tracking. In response to this, it becomes imperative to shift our focus towards safeguarding data and acquiring fresh strategies to excel in marketing within this privacy-centric era. Google's implementation of these changes is pervasive, impacting various parts of the digital landscape.

Current Status of Breadcrumbs with Google

From March 2023, the breadcrumb has been auto-hidden in Google Drive for users and they need to click to bring that back for navigation. While Google announced plans to phase out cookies in 2023, the actual phase-out is still ongoing and not yet complete.

Google hasn't announced phasing out breadcrumbs. Although their importance for SEO has seen some slight fluctuations, they remain valuable for both user experience and search engine understanding of website structure.

Recent updates focus on stricter breadcrumb implementation guidelines. Google Search Console may flag more issues with incorrect or missing breadcrumbs, emphasising their importance for proper website navigation and search engine indexing.

What to Focus on Other Than Breadcrumbs Now?

It is very much the need of the hour to remain advanced with the SEO approach. While breadcrumbs remain valuable, other navigation elements can also optimise the user experience. Here are some of the key ones to consider for your marketing strategy:

Mega Menus: These expansive menus are particularly beneficial for complex websites, offering a comprehensive and organised navigation structure. Mega menus can accommodate a large number of categories, subcategories, and content, providing users with a clear overview of the site's offerings.

Sidebars: Incorporating sidebars into the design allows for additional access to categories, filters, and related content. Sidebars serve as a convenient space to display secondary navigation options, helping users explore specific sections of the website with ease

Search Bars: An essential tool for users seeking prompt access to specific information. Search bars empower users to quickly locate content or products of interest, enhancing the efficiency and convenience of the browsing experience.

Should You Stop Focusing on Breadcrumbs?

Google places a high emphasis on enhancing user experience and ensuring website clarity. While breadcrumbs continue to be a valuable asset for navigation and SEO, their effectiveness is mainly based on proper implementation. It is crucial to assess your website's specific requirements.

Contrary to the notion of "phasing out" breadcrumbs, the key lies in implementing them effectively to mutually benefit users and search engines. Maintaining accuracy and consistency in your breadcrumbs, while optimising overall website navigation, is pivotal for sustained success. While the full impact is yet to be fully realised, many experts and studies have predicted significant changes in online advertising and user privacy.

Breadcrumbs' Impact on Your Business

For Google, SEO and user experience, well-implemented breadcrumbs remain beneficial. They enhance user navigation, internal linking, and SEO by providing context and helping users locate specific pages within your website. Here are some of the impacts of breadcrumb implementation for improved SEO:

  • You need to focus on accurate and consistent breadcrumb implementation. Ensure your breadcrumbs reflect your website structure accurately. You should use clear, descriptive language and utilise structured data markup for search engine understanding.
  • You should monitor Google Search Console for breadcrumb-related issues. If you want to maintain optimal search engine visibility, you should address any warnings promptly.

Whether you want to optimise your website with breadcrumbs or run your business with SEO standards, we can help you with effective methodology. As all marketers know, Google Chrome's Tracking Protection feature is gradually eliminating third-party cookies, but not everyone has an approach to ensure quality outcomes. It is crucial for tracking user behaviour and targeting ads, mainly because this creates uncertainty for marketers who rely on this data for personalised campaigns.

We help you keep the data transparent so you can collect only the required details about users. With CRM and personalisation of content, we can help you target new measurement strategies for your business growth. By adapting and innovating, your company can thrive in the cookieless future.

Marketing Expertise for Smooth Digital Presence

As technology evolves and brings new challenges, Dotsquares experts can help your business remain current with all algorithms and updates. Whether it is cookie-less marketing or ROI-based marketing, our experts can help. With real-time budget prediction, reduced media waste, and AI-powered recommendations, we help you elevate in the cookieless world as suggested by the top search engines in the market. Want to know more? Contact our digital marketing experts right away!

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