January 07, 2016


Recently a new version of WordPress ( 4.4 ) has been released. Have you updated your WordPress site to latest version ? If yes, then it’s great. If No, then here are a few points that should help you to understand why it’s important :
  1. Security: The latest version is always more secure than previous ones (and incorporates the latest fixes). As security experts keep reporting security bugs and issues, they are resolved by the WordPress team and incorporated into the new version. So if you are not using latest version then you can be vulnerable to attack by hackers.
  2. New Features: Every new WordPress version comes with new features, so if you are not using the latest version then your experience will be different and you’ll be missing out on the benefits that updates provide.
  3. Speed: Speed is a major factor in SEO. With each new version of WordPress several performance improvements are implemented so that WordPress runs faster and more efficiently.

Here are few of the new features/changes in WordPress 4.4:

  1. Responsive images: WordPress now takes a smarter approach to displaying appropriate image sizes on any device, ensuring a perfect fit every time. You don’t need to do anything to your theme, it just works.
  2. Embed your WordPress content: Now you can embed your posts on other sites, even other WordPress sites.
  3. Posts: The post/page permalink UI was simplified
  4. Appearance: Site icons will now fall back to the ‘full’ size.
  5. Multisite: Now different languages can be used for new site form on signup.

Now get your site upgraded to the latest version to avoid future issues.

Contact us at admin@dotsquares.com or ask your designated Project Manager/Developer to check and update your WordPress site at the earliest opportunity.

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