August 26, 2021


Your customers are on the verge of completing a purchase, only to abandon it at the last minute. The average shopping cart abandonment rate is as high as 68.63 percent every year. This means that nearly 70% of your shop visitors who have already added things to their baskets and are on their way to becoming customers will never become customers. Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most common issues that online merchants confront.

Do you want to reduce the abandonment cart rate on your site? Here in this blog, we are going to share some unique shopping cart abandonment tips with you.

Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

Let’s Have a Clear Understanding of what Shopping Cart Abandonment means.

When your customers visit your site and add things to their online shopping basket but leave just before purchasing and never return, this is known as shopping cart abandonment.

It's one of the biggest problems eCommerce stores face and can lose you a good amount of money from potential sales. There are some practical ways that can make you reduce shopping cart abandonment. Let’s have a look.

  • Frictionless Transaction

    This is accomplished through techniques like one-click shopping, in which customers’ information is saved to enable a faster purchasing process. The shorter period prevents customers from second-guessing their decision, allowing firms to enhance conversion rates. At the end of the day, the consumer receives the product that we all know they desire.

  • Offer Free Shipping

    Shipping fees are a huge conversion killer. After all, half of all retailers already provide free shipping. Customers are so accustomed to receiving free shipping that 61% of them may contemplate canceling an order if they must pay for delivery.

  • Use Exit-Intent Popups

    When a person is actively exiting your checkout page, an exit-intent popup will display your campaign. This implies you can capture your users' attention just as they're about to abandon their shopping carts.

  • Creating a Sense of Urgency for Your Customers

    Creating a sense of urgency for your customers like a countdown timer on your shopping coupon codes is the best way to reduce shopping cart abandonment. That implies informing clients that any discount or promotional offer you have is only temporary (for a limited time period).

  • Prioritize the Mobile Experience

    One of the first and most important things for any eCommerce store is to understand how mobile shopping differs from desktop shopping in order to improve the user experience. If your checkout process is not optimized for mobile devices you can’t prevent cart abandonment. Improving conversion rates in the e-commerce business requires a focus on customer experience. Making the purchasing and checkout processes as simple as possible reduces the number of hurdles to a successful sale.

    Fixing these seemingly small but impactful accessibility issues can put you in the top 10% of websites and help you organically rise above the competition. For a free consultation and analysis, reach out to the friendly team at Dotsquares, and we will help you with our 19+ years of industry experience.

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