September 30, 2016


When designing a website for the purpose of trading online, there are several ecommerce platforms you can use from, with the most popular being Magento. Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms around, offering catalogue- management tools, search engine optimisation and powerful marketing abilities. It’s built on an open source technology which creates a flexible shopping cart system for online merchants. It also allows them full control of the content, look and functionality of their online trading To be able to access the magento platform you have to be magento certified.

Magento certification Why is it important to have magento certified developers working on your website?

The magento certificate is composed of 3 levels, each composed of an impressive set of skills learnt by the developers that are highly credible when dealing with the platform itself. One of these skills is “Front End Development” which allows the front end developers to work with back end developers to install new and customised features, with the main focus on modifying the user interface (UI) from its original template. This gives you peace of mind that you website is in great hands from start to finish. Here at Dotsquares we have a wide range of highly skilled magneto certified developers who can support you with your magento platform installations. Should you need any additional help or have any questions about magento then please click the link below.

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