March 07, 2022


Drupal Features

Drupal is an open-source web development tool that started out as a website builder but has evolved into a central content management system (CMS) capable of creating mobile apps and data-rich digital experiences

Drupal CMS is well-known for its scalability, stability, flexibility and, most importantly, security. It's no surprise that it's been picked as a Content Management System for almost every industry like financial institutions, health and other government industries that look for data security and reliability. Drupal CMS would not be where it is today if it had not been upgraded with the latest releases (Drupal 8, Drupal 9) based on other technical aspects and security features. It is advisable to migrate your website to Drupal or upgrade your eCommerce websites to the most recent Drupal version (Drupal 9).

Why is Moving to Drupal Worth Considering?

Multiple reasons have made Drupal a leading CMS for 2022, some of which includes:

Strong Drupal Community:

The Drupal community has produced a wide selection of modules and templates for various uses. It has a vibrant, friendly community with a steady increase in users. Every new Drupal release benefits from the community's effort and talent in evaluating testing and implementing comments to provide the best possible experience.

Scalable & Secure Platform:

Drupal, with its dynamic architecture, gives your business the ability to grow exponentially. That means when your business grows, and you face a sudden spike in traffic, Drupal can handle everything together without encountering any website loading or technical issue. With its scalability, Drupal CMS offers unshakable security. The Drupal security team always keeps a check on its core and contributed modules to give you the best Drupal experience.

Flexibility and Customization Features:

Drupal CMS is well known for its flexibility to create and manage a wide range of content like Video, blog, infographics, products, etc. With the help of Drupal, you can easily manage and create content-rich websites with great design and themes. It is 100% customizable. The Drupal CMS offers thousands of custom modules and plug-ins to add advanced functionality to your eCommerce store according to your business’s unique requirements.

Easy Integration with Various Marketing Tools:

Drupal can easily integrate with marketing tools or any other tool, thanks to its built-in support. Website owners can integrate their eCommerce store with several marketing tools like - HubSpot, google analytics, Mailchimp, and many more to track visitors, sales and email marketing.

If you have a website currently running on Drupal 7 or even Drupal 8 or any other CMS, make a wise decision and migrate/upgrade it to the most recent Drupal version (Drupal 9).

Why Are All Roads Leading to Drupal 9?

Whether you want to migrate website to Drupal from one CMS to another or upgrade it to the latest version, the task is not easy and comes with a variety of challenges. For some business owners, migration is a choice, but for business owners who have their website on Drupal 6, 7, 8, website up-gradation is not a choice anymore. You should upgrade to Drupal 9; otherwise, you can face security, functionality and other new CMS features related problems.

Drupal 9 is here with its advanced features and to deliver great web experiences. Let’s see what Drupal 9 has in store for developers and website owners and why choosing Drupal 9 will be the most excellent decision for your eCommerce store:

  • Drupal 9 has some added CMS Capabilities.
  • It is Backward Compatible (that means you will be able to use modules and other configuration that has been created on Drupal 8).
  • It is fast and better in performance.
  • It is future-ready, industry-compliant and experience-rich across devices.
  • Latest versions of Symfony and Twigs.
  • It is more secure than its older versions.
  • Developer-Friendly.

Ready to Jump With the Next Big Version of Drupal 9? - Let’s Work Together!

Have you made up your mind to start with Drupal 9? If yes, then it doesn’t matter if your website is on another platform than Drupal or working on Drupal older versions; the key to achieving this smooth transition to Drupal 9 is to rollout your migration plan with Drupal experts who can deliver you the best results within the deadlines and save you from any unnecessary hassle later on.

“Dotsquares - as a leading Drupal Development Company”, possesses the required firepower to guide you through every step of the migration/up-gradation process. Our Drupal experts will provide you with complete assistance at every step of the migration process. Get a free consultation today.

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