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  • Insta Scaffolding
    React Native

    Instagroup allows staff to electronically sign in and out when on site, fill out forms, manage jobs, complete job cards and submit leave requests.

  • Didgly

    Didgly saves users time by immediately centralizing images throughout your team, with photos pinned to plans and maps in the cloud. Organized, allowing you to generate reports in minutes rather than hours.

    iPhone, React Native

    "Are you on the hunt for top-notch sports nutrition and supplements to fuel your fitness journey? Look no further than Clearfit – your ultimate online destination catering to all your athletic needs.

  • Coach Tree
    React Native

    CoachTree allows riders to discover trainers, book their session and pay for their lesson, all within one app. For free.

  • PrediktThis
    React Native

    PrediktThis provides sports clubs with the opportunity to accept donations and raise funds through our online platform. Fundraisers who donate via our App can then join our fundraising community and enter a weekly Prediktions game for free.

  • Butcher

    With our app we enable our customers to pre-order from us easily, conveniently and quickly. Whether it's a snack, snack or weekend shopping, our pre-order app saves time when shopping.

  • Scenario
    Android, IOS

    SCENARIO is a multi-topic toolbox for educators and supervisors to use with medical students and trainees. The scenarios are presented as flashcards under a growing number of categories - General Practice, Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics etc - and grouped by topics such as Clinical Reasoning.

  • easyStorage - MAVIS
    Android, IOS, React Native

    This app manages all easyStorage driver activity when at a customers site. It supplies the work order details with detailed instructions. It also enables the Drivers to add charges for any extra insurance or packing supplies used and to charge for them on site.

  • High Tournaments
    Flutter, PHP web service

    We have created a platform for gamers to participate in events

  • LetterLand

    LetterLand is a fantastic free educational app designed to transform learning into fun for children ranging from curious toddlers to eager pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. It features interactive tracing games aimed at helping children recognize letter shapes, associate them with phonetic sounds.

  • Cannonbolt

    Embark on a thrilling journey of precision and skill in Cannonbolt, a captivating 3D maze game designed to test your reflexes and strategic thinking. Navigate through intricate mazes filled with obstacles and surprises, where each move requires precision to avoid traps and collect rewards.

  • Jet Rush

    Experience the adrenaline-fueled rush of Jet Rush! Fly at breakneck speeds through breath-taking environments, dodging obstacles and competitors along the way. Feel the wind rush past as you navigate challenging courses and compete for victory in the ultimate high-speed jet racing game.

  • Roulette Mania

    In roulette, players place bets on where they predict the ball will land when the spinning wheel comes to a stop. The wheel features numbered pockets, typically ranging from 0 to 36, alternately colored in red and black. There are two main types of roulette:

  • Spiral-Drop

    Spiral Drop is a thrilling mobile game that tests your reflexes and strategy. Players navigate a bouncing ball through a twisting tower of platforms, aiming to descend to the bottom without touching colored sections on the platforms.

  • Waft Ball

    Waft Ball is an exhilarating 2D hyper casual game where players navigate through a dynamic landscape of mesmerizing sin waves. In this endless runner-style adventure, your goal is to guide a ball through twisting paths, avoiding obstacles, and collecting points to achieve high scores.

  • Ball Blast

    Bounce Ball Blast is the ultimate ball shooting game! It's like a pinball with cannons, featuring yellow and red balls. Dodge the magic ball as it flies and jumps, while you aim to shoot the red and yellow balls at the green ball to destroy all flying balls.

  • Chain Reaction

    Chain Reaction is a multiplayer strategy game where players strategically place orbs on a board to dominate it. Orbs explode when full, triggering chain reactions that can capture adjacent cells. The goal is to eliminate opponents' orbs and control the entire board.

  • Loop Hoop: Fun Casual Game

    Loop Hoop offers a physics-based challenge where you clear rings amidst random obstacles, alternating movement to reach your goal. Perfect jumps ramp up the difficulty, making every move crucial.

  • Through The Hoop

    Loopy Hoops, created by Dotsquares, is a fun and addictive basketball game where players aim to score hoops with precision. Test your skills in challenging levels with varying obstacles and hoops configurations. With simple swipe controls and engaging gameplay.


    CUBE RUSH is an immersive physics-based game where players guide a ball to collect cubes of matching colors while steering clear of white obstacles to rack up points.

  • Bottom Bumps
    IOS, Unity

    Bottom Bumps is an innovative and environmentally friendly game where players join Ed Dee doo dar on a mission to protect the ozone layer from harmful "Bumpeedeedoodars" or Bumps.

  • Trinks- Quiz Drinking Game

    Trinks, developed by Envy Creative, is your go-to platform for discovering and booking beauty and wellness services conveniently. Browse a wide range of services from salons and spas, read reviews, and book appointments with ease.

  • Paired Up
    IOS, React Native

    Welcome to "PairedUp," a travel assistance app designed to connect like-minded travelers to help assist in getting to a destination with peace of mind. If you have an account, simply sign in to the application; otherwise, sign up and create a new account.

  • Shotlk
    React Native

    Introducing “ShoTlk: Your Ultimate Social Video App Stay connected, share your world, and discover new perspectives with ShoTlk, the cutting-edge social platform designed to bring people closer through short videos.

  • Jurassic Feast
    Android, IOS

    Jurassic Feast is a loyalty scheme which showcases all of the best food and drink companies across the Jurassic Coast region.

  • Your Spending
    Android, IOS, React Native

    Have you ever thought to yourself, what payments do I have to make next week? With Your Spending app you can very quickly log your expenses only once to stay informed of your upcoming payments going forward.

  • Carreravision

    Carreravision job site companion allows you to create professional, fast and easy job site reports. You can create clear job reports to share with your colleagues or clients. With a user-friendly interface, it makes job reporting easy. Carreravision allows you to take photos add measurements.

  • Roses FM
    Android, IOS

    ROSES FM is a community initiative whose main objective is the creation of a state of the art broadcast and media facility in the rural interior communities of Jamaica. The creation of this facility will bolster and facilitate the cultural survival of the indigenous peoples in these communities.

  • Open Door TBA

    Open Door is the most advanced real-time mobile app for engaging new customers through field contact. The system lets you have high-impact conversations without wasting precious time and money on printing and data entry.

  • Reminder App

    Customize reminder app that reminds you everything at a special time. You can set task reminders, birthday reminders, anniversary reminders, phone call reminders etc. You can even create your own category of reminder and can set the reminder of the same.

  • DS Vehicle Maintenance

    Being in the Era of Digital Environment where everything is going electronic, no one wants to take care of papers and wants to save everything electronically for quick look. To make the layman’s life more comfortable here we have came with Vehicle Maintenance application.

  • DS Music Recognition

    DS Music Recognition is a free music identification app helps you to identify the song, artist, and album name. The app can identify what's playing by listening to the sound. It will also manage the history of all recognized songs.

  • DS Third Eye

    Dotsquares presents the new way of identifying objects like monuments, locations, celebrities, people, plants, trees etc etc using its own application called "Third Eye". This application is now also capable in recognizing music.

  • Click Clean Clothes

    Click Clean Clothes provides a stress free state of the art professional Dry Cleaning & Laundry service including Free collection & delivery.

  • Book A builder app

    tool to receive push notifications of local job alerts, get testimonials from customers, pictures of previous work etc. for more details contact

  • Take 5

    A safety app suite for Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Industrial and Heavy equipment service industries. The Take5 is an app containing 5 separate reporting apps, a Take5-T5, a Hazard Report-H5, a Prestart Check-P5, a Safety Check-S5 and a Incident5-I5.

  • PCM

    PCM Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd are proud to present our own application. The app allows users to protect their valuable parking zones from unauthorised parking. PCM have created a simple yet effective solution that keeps the users details confidential and avoids confrontation.

  • Relaxez et dormez bien

    Relax and Sleep Well is a high-quality self-hypnosis application created by Glenn Harrold, adapted and guided in French by Marjolaine Lemieux, hypnotherapist graduated from EFPHQ (Quebec Hypnosis Professional Training School.

  • Sleep Meditations for Kids by Christiane Kerr Calming Bedtime Relaxation Stories

    This is a superb high quality children's meditation app by leading yoga teacher and Montessori teacher Christiane Kerr.

  • Solfeggio Relax and Sleep Meditation by Glenn Harrold and Ali Calderwood

    Download now this powerful app and discover why Glenn Harrold and Ali Calderwood's Solfeggio Sound Healing Meditations are having such a profound impact on people.

  • Ultimate Weight Loss by Glenn Harrold

    Ultimate Weight Loss by Glenn Harrold is a high quality hypnosis and meditation app that will give you all the tools you need to lose weight and get fit and healthy. When your mental programming is right, eating healthily and exercising regularly will become normal and natural.

  • Relax and Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold

    Relax & Sleep Well is a high quality hypnosis and meditation app by best-selling self-help audio author Glenn Harrold. This fantastic app consists of 4 free hypnotherapy and meditation recordings and over 80 in-app purchase options covering insomnia, stress, anxiety, mindfulness, sleep, weight-loss.

  • Book a Builder

    tool to receive push notifications of local job alerts, get testimonials from customers, pictures of previous work, etc. for more details contact

  • Take5

    A safety app for Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Industrial and Heavy equipment service industries. The Take5 and Hazard Reports meet the safety regulations of international regulating bodies and were created in alignment with the Australian WHS Act and WHS Reg. requirements.

  • East End Tandoori

    Requiring Android 3.0 and up, the app allows for customers to order food online and get it delivered to their door step. Unlike most online food ordering systems, East End Tandoori makes it easier for customers to make their orders through phone.

  • Parking Control Management

    An Android app having a current version of 1.6, and made to allow users to protect their valuable parking zones from unauthorised. At team In India, we deployed our best designers and developers to make this app, making the best parking control management.

  • My ClockedIn

    Designed for the mobile workforce - created to efficiently measure employee time and work activities and create digital timesheets that can be exported to Microsoft Excel and used for payroll.

  • Relax and Sleep Well

    The app designed for Android platform works as a powerful hypnosis and healing meditation tool that will help you to sleep well every night. There are two free tracks - Relax & Sleep Well and the Solfeggio 639 Hz Sonic Meditation - plus over 70 healing hypnosis .

  • iRefer VIC

    A searchable directory of programs and services for Victorian families caught up in the turmoil of separation, the app is available on the Android store. It allows parents to choose the right plans that protect the best interests of the child.

  • 3D Fidget Spinner

    Dotsquares fidget simulation is most engaging! Players can tilt the fidget in any required direction. Then players can spin the Fidget. Once players get rewards, they can update the fidget. So that players can spin more effectively.

  • Landlord Property Care

    Landlord Property Care app is designed as a simple and efficient mobile application for your property management. It is an intelligently crafted app, easy to use and rich in features, developed by Team In India to cater to the specific needs of the landlords.

  • Risk Assessor Lite
    iPhone, Objective C, Xcode

    Risk Assessments are important and potentially lifesaving.

  • NessSupport
    iPhone, Objective C, Xcode

    Ness Application provides information regarding all product support, how a user can use products, trouble shooting help and addresses of our support centres.

  • PCN
    iPhone, Objective C, Xcode

    Travel - UK car parking management. The app captures details of unauthorised parking events to include date and time of the event, location, vehicle registration mark, make and colour of vehicle, nature of the contravention and images.