The major challenges that the utility industry faces in the current scenario are security of supply, environmental challenges and public scrutiny. In order to address these challenges the industry needs to enhance their grids and networks to deliver better services to clients, be more customer centric and redesign business operations. Dotsquares’ Utility industry group brings together deep industry knowledge; world class capabilities, innovation and cutting-edge technology to our clients to help them not only meet these challenges and opportunities but also raise their performance to new heights.

Mobile utility applications help in extending the functional ability of the business by providing effective features. With our mobile utility applications, simple as well as advanced tasks can be done effectively and efficiently.

Services Provided by Dotsquares

  • Mobile Application that allows Management and Consumers access Dashboard, Reports and Alerts.
  • Customers can view the usage information as well as pay bills using iPhone and Android Mobile Applications.
  • Mobile Application for entering Inspection data and Safety-Checks, Service Agreement, equipment maintenance information syncing data with backend database.

Why Dotsquares?

  • Timely Delivery
  • Robust Utility iPhone & Android applications
  • Hassle Free Communication
  • Source Code Security
  • Thoroughly Tested App for Greater User Experience
  • Application Customized to your Requirement.