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Highly efficient Applications made available to anyone, in any location, at any time!

Applications that are deployed on the internet and run on internet only are known as Cloud Applications. Such applications are mainly deployed on The Cloud due to the location or server, and can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere, on any device.

Some of the most popular cloud applications include Google Docs, Office 365 Online, and One Drive. When it comes to cloud computing there are a variety of services, architecture, and models to offer, so businesses can find a solution that meets their needs efficiently.

The Clouds We Work With...

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Public Clouds

These cloud services are managed and owned by a third party company. They provide compute, storage resources and other services that can be utilised as needed. Some of the most popular Public Clouds are AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and others

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Private Clouds

Clouds that are owned and maintained by a specific organisations are known as Private Clouds. Such clouds can only be accessed by that organisation or whoever else is granted permission. Such organisation may outsource the work of maintaining the cloud but it will always be owned by them.

hybrid clouds

Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid clouds are combination of both Private and Public clouds. Such clouds provide high level of flexibility as they can use the features of both clouds as and when applicable. Items that need security can be kept inside the private cloud and everything else will be hosted on the public cloud.

The Cloud Services We Provide...

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Organisations rent their IT infrastructure as a service to other business owners to create, build, store, and process operations on the provided infrastructure. This is also known as Infrastructure as a Service.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Every developer needs a platform to build their mobile apps, web apps APIs. So, the resources or platforms that are used for computing, developing, and testing purposes are called Platform as a Service.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Known as Software as a Service and one widely used for delivering the software to the end customer, typically based on the subscriptions. Such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Serverless Computing

This can be considered as an improvised service of Th Cloud as it removes the overhead from the businesses, of managing the resources in comparison to PasS. Serverless architecture is event driven meaning all the infrastructure is managed by the cloud provider itself. It provides a high level of flexibility as well as it can also save costs as the resources are only used when an event is triggered. Most of The Cloud providers charge for the services used.

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Uses Of Cloud Services:

  • 1 Create native cloud applications
  • 2 Store, backup and recover data
  • 3 Stream audio, video and other media files
  • 4 Business analytics and reporting

Benefit of Cloud Applications:

  • 1 Cost Effective
  • 2 Easily Accessible
  • 3 Reliable Platforms
  • 4 Easy To Maintain

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