The Sweet Taste of Success: Sweets & Candy's Digital Marketing Journey

Sweets & Candy, an online confectionery store, was on a mission significantly enhance its sales with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Our journey with Sweets & Candy is a testament to the transformative power of strategic digital marketing.





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The Client

Sweets and Candy started in 2004 in the UK to bring people lots of different kinds of sweets, candies, and chocolates. Now, they have a really good selection of these treats. You can buy your favourite sweets at very low prices, sometimes for just one pound. Their goal is to give you sweets and candies with care and love. They are different from others because they have a big variety of sweets you can choose from, special packs with different brands, and special American candies that remind you of happy times when you were a kid. They are great for people who are planning parties or families who love sweets.

They also make special American Sweet Hampers that you can have made just the way you like. They believe that gifts should be pretty and sweet. You can enjoy all these sweets without leaving your home.

The Challenge

Our primary goal was to maximise return on investment, targeting an effective return on the marketing budget. Initial challenges were:

  • The website was neither user nor conversion friendly. It was not optimised for SEO
  • Social media presence was quite low, it lacked the regularity and attentiveness which are the key in organic social media presence. There was no proper approach with strategy that align with the market trends.
  • Google Ads proved to be challenging for our client, with the ever-changing nature of the platform and emerging online advertising trends.
  • There was little to no e-mail marketing strategy, which caused no interest so the existing clients could purchase more.

The Solution

Enhancing User Experience:

The website redesign not only enhanced its visual appeal but also prioritised user experience, resulting in improved usability and higher conversion rates. By strategically incorporating user feedback and streamlining navigation, the redesign created a seamless journey from consideration to conversion points, making it a user-centric platform that combines aesthetics with functionality.

Content Overhaul:

The process of restructuring content was a pivotal aspect of the website redesign, where we delved into a comprehensive analysis of the brand's ethos and values. By aligning every piece of content with the core principles that define the brand, we aimed to create a narrative that not only showcased the products but also communicated a deeper story.

SEO Optimisation:

The meticulous on-page optimisation undertaken for enhanced search engine visibility was a multifaceted strategy that went beyond surface-level changes. Our team implemented a thorough review and restructuring of the website's sitemap, ensuring a logical and well-organised hierarchy that search engines could easily crawl and index. This strategic approach aimed to provide search engine algorithms with a clear roadmap of the website's content, enhancing its discoverability and relevance in search results.

Keyword Research:

The integration of popular search terms marked a strategic leap in enhancing the discoverability of the website and aligning seamlessly with user intent. Through comprehensive keyword research and analysis, we identified the most relevant and high-performing search terms within the industry.

Competitor Analysis:

The formulation of a robust Google Ads strategy was underpinned by valuable insights gathered from thorough competitor analysis. By dissecting the strategies and performance metrics of key competitors, we gained a nuanced understanding of the market landscape.

Weekly Newsletters:

The success of targeted newsletters, homing in on specific sales, can be attributed to their ability to engage a precisely defined audience. By tailoring content to address the unique needs and preferences of a particular demographic or customer segment, our newsletters resonate more effectively, fostering a deeper connection with recipients.

Organic Social Media Posts:

A mix of regular posts, engaging TikTok content, and live sessions has led to significant organic reach. Our team has also worked with Sara on more engaging real-life content which resonated with the importance of staying current with social media trends and adapting content to maintain a compelling online presence. This approach not only captivates existing followers but also attracts new audiences, highlighting the power of a well-rounded and creative social media strategy.

Influencer Partnerships:

Incorporating influencer collaborations for product promotion and content strategy on social platforms proved instrumental. Leveraging the reach and authenticity of micro influencers enhanced brand visibility and credibility, but also the aesthetics and level of customer trust in social media content, contributing significantly to the success of the overall marketing strategy.

Facebook and Instagram Ads:

Consistently leveraging User-Generated Content (UGC) in the conversion stage emerged as a potent sales driver, particularly during promotional events. By incorporating content generated by users, but also “pack your order with us” videos, the brand not only tapped into authentic testimonials but also harnessed the power of social proof. This strategy cultivated a sense of community and trust among potential customers, significantly influencing their purchasing decisions during promotional campaigns.

Their team created strategies that greatly improved our online presence. Their mixed approach towards a blend of technical & creative marketing made a significant difference in our website traffic & revenue. I must say that they are very transparent, communicative, and results-driven - traits of a good & trustworthy team. Highly recommend their expertise and dedication!

Will & Sara Sweets & Candy

The Results

When we began working on digital marketing for S&C, their sales and website visits were quite low. We improved this by concentrating on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. This strategy led to a remarkable 200% growth for our confectionery client.

Since March 2022, their sales in regular months have gone up a lot, even more than the highest sales months in 2021. To show how much progress we've made, let's compare the sales from the past peak months to the recent ones. For example, our sales in September 2023 were even higher than the top sales month of November 2021.

Impressive Email Marketing:

The efficacy of regular newsletters featuring weekly sales emerged as a crucial tool in re-engaging our existing audience. Remarkably, customers who had not made a purchase in over a year reconnected with Sweets & Candy through these targeted newsletters. The impressive 20x Return on Investment (ROI) underscores the significance of nurturing and caring for your existing audience—an often-overlooked key to digital success.

Organic Marketing Campaign:

The impact of our organic posts has been outstanding, with one standout TikTok video alone reaching an impressive 66.3k organic views. Experimenting with social media trends, engaging with the audience (“pack your order with us”), and using trending sounds and templates proves to resonate with our audience and amplify our brand reach. It highlights the potential for organic posts, particularly on platforms like TikTok, to go beyond traditional metrics and create meaningful engagement, contributing significantly to our overall digital success.


Company: Sweets & Candy

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Food & Beverages

Start Date : 2022

Development: Onshore & Offshore Marketing




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