The app reuniting stolen dogs with their owners using integrated Image Recognition

Smart Snout App

  • Based: United Kingdom
  • Industry: Animal Care
  • Project Duration: April - July 2021
  • Development Model: PM from India Office

Client Background

Phil James is a drone pilot who uses his experience to search for lost dogs in his spare time. Phil noticed a gap in the market for an effective software to keep dogs safe and prevent theft, which is when he joined forces with Bradley Watson. With their combined passion for dogs, they came up with the concept of Smart Snout to reconnect lost or stolen dogs with their owners.

Smart Snout enables users to make sure that their dogs are safe using their noses as identification. Just as each human fingerprint is unique, as is a dog's nose print. This app allows users to scan a dog's nose and register them on the system, and if a dog is lost or stolen and registered on the app, the user can contact the owner and reunite the pair with a simple scan.

Smart Snout App

Why did the client come to Dotsquares?

Bradley Watson came to Dotsquares in April 2021 after seeing dog thefts reach an all-time high over the Covid-19 Pandemic. With the vision to create an app that allows owners to be reunited with their stolen dogs using just their noses, Smart Snout was born.

Their aim was to prioritise the protection of dogs all over the country and develop a tool to tackle the dog theft crisis by using advanced Image Recognition software and connecting dog owners across the UK.

Solution Delivered

The development of this project was based solely on the Agile Work methodology. Our end-to-end technical solution comprised of 3 core elements; a robust system, using SSL and Git to make it easy for users to upload details and manage their information, integrated email schedulers to send automatic reminders to users and a state-of-the-art Image Recognition System for matching the prints of each individual dog.

Smart Snout App

Technology used

  • checkPython
  • checkFirebase SDK
  • checkFirebase SDK
  • checkImage Recognition System


Since it's launch in July 2021, the app received over 400 subscribers in it's first few months. Many users have praised the advanced technology, with the app even catching the attention of the press seeing ITV covering it's success.

Smart Snout now work alongside ALL PETS ALLOWED and local veterinary centres to help effectively reduce dog thefts and reunite lost dogs with their owners.

This application is now available to download from the App Store and Google Play. Guest accounts are also available to allow users to scan a potentially lost dog and send a notification to the registered owner without having to pay a subscription fee in order to maximise accuracy and accessibility.

smart snout app

What the client has to say...

We approached Dotsquares easily in 2021. They have been nothing other than superb in every department from the development and customer service. We highly recommend them for any application or web development. Thank you Dotsquares!

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Bradley Watson Owner and founder of Smart Snout LTD

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