Development and Web Hosting at one place

All your dreams come true!

Dotsquares has offered development services since 2002. With approximately 600+ people working in PHP, .NET, Flash, Design and more, we have solutions to the vast majority of web developments that come our way. Increasingly, people are realising that it is a great idea to have hosting carried out by the same company.

It is very common to have to bounce around like a tennis ball between developers and host companies with requests like:

“Please get your hosts to turn on abc permissions”
“Please ask your developers to do xyz”

If you have been in this position, you know how soul destroying it can be. With Dotsquares offering both development and hosting, this nightmare is removed.

Now instead of bouncing between the developers and server managers, this arrangement is perfect as the development team and server team are in the same office and not thousands of miles apart, working for different companies as is often the case. This means :-

  • A quick understanding and resolution of problems
  • Time saved for clients not having to pass on information between developers and server support staff

UK companies often charge a lot of money and are lacking in the service area. We have the experience & knowledge of development & servers to quickly resolve issues at a reasonable price.