Creating highly interactive educational environments to improve learning abilities.

E-learning has significantly grown over the last decade with more and more educational institutes wanting to explore how they can better support their learners by using maximum learning absorption methods.

E-learning moves away from the traditional classroom learning experiences and instead, immerses the learners into highly interactive environments. By harnessing digital technologies within web and mobile apps and expanding the resources with powerful tools like Virtual and Augmented Reality, educational bodies have seen drastic improvements in learning retention, and are able to scale up their programs so that learners can access their tools at any time from any where in the world.

Why is E-learning So Important?

It is the catalyst that is changing the whole industry of learning in this century – for school pupils, university students, for employees, for the ongoing training and development of professionals like doctors, nurses and teachers – in fact it's for just about anyone who wants to find out something on either a formal or casual basis.

E-Learning means that you no longer need to spend long periods of time travelling to a location to attend a course, as you can access the learning platforms when you need them. It empowers learners to manage their own learning and in the most appropriate way. E-Learning means learners can have access to a wide range of learning resources: both materials and people, and in this way each learner can have an individualised, personalised experiences, where they access the learning that is best for them.

We all do a lot more Traveling these days (on buses, trains and planes), and there is significant evidence to show that people would like to make more use of this “dead time” for learning purpose, creating the perfect pathway for e-learning apps.

Benefits of E-Learning

  • It provides a single source of learning materials ensuring that the content delivered is identical for all learners and is of the highest possible quality.
  • Online e-learning courses are quick and easy to update across the board without needing to spend time and money organising and distributing paper or other content based materials.
  • E-learning is reliable, dependable and accessible around the clock via an internet connection
  • Has the potential to reduce costs associated with training and development of employees, without the need of travel and accommodation for them at a centralised location. Because e-learning can be taken anytime, anywhere, it doesn’t interfere with critical operations of the employee.
  • E-learning is standardised so every learner has access to the same high quality instruction. It also eliminates the problems associated with different instructors teaching slightly different material on the same subject. This also ensures all learners receive consistent support.
  • New e-learning for iPads and HTML5 means enabling your existing legacy e-learning content to be migrated to a tablet compatible format, and our solutions will help you in taking the first steps in an easy and a cost-effective way.


LMS's helps facilitate training for your organisation or educational institution. It enables the management and delivery of learning content and resources to students and allows for “anytime, anywhere” access. LMS's can be used to manage training/educational records or to distribute courses over the web.

These applications usually offer features for online collaboration, such as application sharing or discussion threads. Corporate training departments frequently purchase LMS's to automate record-keeping as well as for the registration of employees for online courses.

We have developed a diverse range of low-cost LMS's since 2002, all of which have been integrated with a variety of features and benefits. We’re also Moodle experts, and have the resources to ensure to you get the most out of your Moodle. We’ve also developed customizable versions of Moodle for clients to pick up and use, which are simple to use and manage.