Supporting the development of Web Applications across a variety of framework technologies

A Web Framework or Web Application Framework is designed to support the development of our Web Applications. The Framework can include Web Services, Web Resources and APIs. This is the accepted standard way to build and deploy Web Applications.

They also help with automation across your systems and allow more common & frequent tasks to be easily handled. Normal components can include libraries for database access, specifically designed templates and session management to make working and accessing all the easier. Most of these follow the Model – View – Controller (MVC) pattern.

MVC Pattern



Governs the content and structure of an app. Often dynamically changes the way an updated interface should look directly to the View

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This is the app’s front end that knows the ways in which users can interact with any part. The view receives the input and dynamically changes according to the Model’s instructions for that View.

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This is the bridge between the Model and View. It receives user input from the View, processes it and informs the Model (or the View) what changes should be made.

As web standards have changed over the years Dotsquares has adapted to include Web 2.0 approaches that include better client side logic capabilities. This allows server and client to interact far more effectively to create the most powerful web apps. With two distinct frameworks we can integrate the framework becomes far more cohesive.

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Server Side Application Framework Technologies

Client Side Application Framework Technologies

  • 1 IBootstrap
  • 2 ReactJS
  • 3 AngularJS
  • 4 Backbone
  • 5 Semantic-UI

I’m absolutely delighted with the finished product and in particular the way the project was managed from the very start. I was updated everyday along progress lines and using SKYPE technologies, was able to communicate directly with developers too as part of user acceptance testing.

Luis MelendezSilence Speaks Ltd

silence speaks

Dotsquares have experts in both Server and Client side who can work with you to design and develop the best fit for your organisation. This includes consultancy on which server architecture might be best fit and suggest new modules that can be integrated to take your business even further.